New Product Spotlight

Aug. 1, 2001
Dock doors.

New Product Spotlight: Dock Doors


The Welterweight knockout-style dock door handles the day-to-day knocks from vehicle impact. It rides on spring-loaded plungers rather than bendable rollers. Upon vehicle impact, the plungers release the panel from its guides. The driver snaps the pins back into place and the door is ready to operate. The track design, using Impact-A-Track, means the door can be knocked outward, but not pushed inward, which helps security. To handle lift truck mast problems, the door offers an optional double knockout header. TKO Doors


Industrial doors are made to design specifications up to 2,100 square feet using structural steel, FRP panels or with the manufacturer’s own building sectional panels. All doors include cable safety drop devices and emergency manual chain operation. Speeds are to 36 feet per second on some models. Single, two-speed or variable-speed drives are available. Options include multiple leaf for low headroom; electric, hydraulic or pneumatic operation; pass-through doors in lower leaf and custom seals to ASTM E383 standards. Door-Man Mfg. Co.


The All-Weather roll-up door is practically maintenance free. Continuous retaining straps run within guides that fit close to the wall to reduce doorway obstructions. When the door is hit, all operators need to do is roll up the curtain and then close it. As the door closes, the curtain refeeds into its guides and reseals. Operating speed is 8 feet per second. It will withstand strong winds. Maximum door size is 39 feet by 18 feet. Dynaco USA Inc.


FabriCoil is a motor-driven fabric curtain door system for high traffic applications. Safety options include a clear vinyl vision panel in the door to help prevent accidents, remote activation or manual chain hoist operation, and photoelectric eyes. It can withstand winds to more than 30 miles per hour. The E-Z Reset feature returns the door to operation within seconds if it’s accidentally knocked out of its guides. Raynor Garage Doors


The Clear-Flex II Strip Doors with AmberTech keep insects out and sun glare down. In plants that use mercury vapor lights, insect captures drop significantly. In plants with fluorescent lights, they drop even more. The strip door also saves energy by reducing heat or cooled air loss. Aleco


The Fast-Seal door offers the Break-Away bottom bar that lets the door be hit by a lift truck and be reset without tools in minutes. It will withstand high negative pressure or wind, good for loading dock applications. Reinforced side frames have front and rear wind bar guides. The System II counterbalance design separates counterbalance and fabric tensioning, eliminating stress and strain on motor. The door operates at up to 40 inches per second. An auto-reversing edge and dual through-beam photoelectric eyes reverse the door upward if objects enter its closing path. Rytec Corp.


The Workhorse 1000 features the Lite-Lift System that includes enclosed counterweights for consistent and ergonomic operation. This system helps prevent tension loss that can cause doors to drift down into the door opening.

The Quick-Fix design uses nylon breakaway blocks with standard nylon rollers. If the door is struck, the roller asembly pivots to release the door. Reattachment is easy, helping to minimize maintenance costs. Rite-Hite Doors Inc.