Steelwave Micro

Sept. 2, 2008
Tampere, Finland - September 2, 2008 - Confidex, a fast growing company with unique expertise in RFID design, manufacturing and engineering, today announced

Tampere, Finland - September 2, 2008 - Confidex, a fast growing company with unique expertise in RFID design, manufacturing and engineering, today announced the introduction of the company's new Confidex Steelwave MicroTM passive UHF RFID tag. The new RFID tag is a compliment to the industry-leading Confidex SteelwaveTM passive UHF RFID tag and enables companies to improve their investment in and inventory management of valuable IT assets.

Several industry analysts have noted that implementing passive UHF RFID technology for asset management delivers exceptional benefits such as reduced property loss, increased security, improved audit controls, more accurate information on the movement and condition of assets, and as a result, significant cost savings.

"RFID tagging of IT equipment can deliver quicker, more detailed and more accurate day-to-day management of some of the most important operational assets within an organization," notes Michael Liard, Research Director, RFID & Contactless at ABI Research (Oyster Bay, NY). "ABI Research has found that there is significant potential for a ramp up of RFID tagging within organizations looking to more effectively manage and track their IT assets - especially where statutory and industry regulations such as Sarbanes Oxley require detailed, accurate and regular auditing of IT assets."

Tracking IT assets such as servers, routers, storage devices, and desktop computers, as well as any portable devices such as removable hard drives and laptops, is becoming increasingly crucial for most companies. Keeping track of multiple high value devices in multiple locations is a complex task that until now has resulted in inaccurate inventory data that invites theft and increased replacement costs. With Confidex Steelwave Micro, companies now have a tested and proven on-metal RFID tag that enables the accurate tracking of all valuable IT assets throughout their lifecycles regardless of where the devices are located.

With a small footprint (1.5" x 0.5"/38mm x 13mm), outstanding read range (8.2' - 9.8'/2.5m - 3.0m), and unique characteristics that enable attachment to metal and non-metal devices, Confidex Steelwave Micro is ideal for tracking all valuable IT assets as well as assets in a variety of other applications.

"We have already been sampling the new Steelwave Micro with selected System Integrators and IT Hardware manufacturers to ensure it meets the performance requirement of most IT asset tagging projects," said Torbjörn Andersson, Vice President of Sales& Marketing at Confidex. "Feedback has been very positive; not only regarding the read performance, but also the superior quality and form factor."

Confidex Steelwave Micro joins the growing family of unique Confidex RFID tags that have been successfully used in a variety of demanding applications such as identification of IT assets, vehicles, rail cars, and reusable transit items, in motion, from arctic to subtropical regions.

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