Mhlnews 1155 Pregis Airspeed Versa Hc 200

Versatile Void Filler

Nov. 3, 2010
Pregis Corp.’s new Air Speed hybrid cushioning (HC) Versa system handles multiple roll widths (up to 32-inches) via a dispenser head that is 60% smaller than previous models. This means it can be placed in locations where space is limited.

The system can also produce three different cell heights: small (3/4-inch), medium (1-inch) and large (1 ¼-inches). Typical perforation preset is every 6- and 12-inches. The HC-Flex high performance low-density polyethylene air pillow film is made with 30% less resin than competitive hybrid inflatable cushioning alternatives, according to Pregis.

Flat, perforated rollstock is mounted onto the AirSpeed unit, which creates the rows of small air-filled pockets as the air is transferred between the individual chambers. In previous units, the rollstock was mounted inside the dispenser head housing. The new, compact design positions the roll externally, creating placement flexibility. Its 75 ft per minute speed suits it for high volume operations.

The HC Versa can accommodate traditional virgin air cushioning material, reduced gauge structures, recycled content or ones designed to accelerate microbial biodegradation, without compromising recyclability.

The HC Versa also features simple touchpad start, stop and load functions, making it easy for new or seasonal employees to use.

Pregis Corporation