Assembly Cart

Feb. 25, 2009
The Creform System is a series of plastic coated pipes, metal (or plastic) joints for assembly, and an array of hardware accessories that aid in creating

The Creform System is a series of plastic coated pipes, metal (or plastic) joints for assembly, and an array of hardware accessories that aid in creating customized structures for individual applications. Virtually every use, situation and part handling application can be different, and every Creform structure can be tailored to fit the specific job needs

One of the most recent examples is the Creform concept for subassembly and assembly line operations involving the installation of wiring and wire harnesses—a cart/rack developed to prevent tangling and misidentification of components at the point-of-use assembly stations, while providing secure, safe transport throughout the facility, and offering superior, ergonomic part presentation.

First, the cart is compact, which along with the adaptive nature of Creform allows the cart to be sized to fit down aisles and in close proximity to the work station. But, the rack/cart also features vertical hanging racks mounted to an indexable turntable having fixed rotation points. The number of hanging racks can be determined by the most efficient number of harnesses to be conveyed, and other factors such as the length of the harnesses. During transport, the turntable can be set into a secure position. Once at the assembly work point, the large cart casters are locked; the turntable is then rotated to the needed part position.

Thus, when a different part is needed, such as sequenced assembly, kitted inventory and/or general inventory replenishment, only the turntable needs to be rotated for the most convenient, ergonomic part presentation, with no need to reposition the entire cart.

In addition to large, rugged casters, the cart also features a sturdy frame constructed using Creform’s ø28mm plastic covered steel pipe and a robust hitch so the cart can be towed by powered tuggers through the facility...alone or as part of a larger train of carts. Once near its final destination, the cart’s integral push handle assists in its precise manual positioning after being uncoupled from the tugger. The push handle is convenient for all-manual operations as well.

This cart was constructed using Creform’s metal joint components, mechanical clamping via threaded fastener, resulting in reuse if a need for a cart design changes. Also selected was high visibility orange colored pipe to enhance awareness of the structures and help reduce collisions...other colors are available to meet identifications schemes or department usage, etc.

The Creform System allows for economical and simple custom build specifications, as sizing, floor space requirements, and loading capacity, and just as easily modified as applications change. Plus, with the hardware accessories, each cart/application can be outfitted for specific needs—part identification labels, writing surfaces for notes, displays of assembly instructions and additional latches or clasps safeguards to assure secure part transport.

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