Mhlnews 1162 Plug And Comply


Sept. 7, 2005
SEBRING, Ohio MPI Label Systems ( has brought together its RFID Plug-and-Comply system and system into a new product line known as RFIDirect.

SEBRING, Ohio – MPI Label Systems ( has brought together its “RFID Plug-and-Comply” system and “RFID-on-Wheels” system into a new product line known as RFIDirect.

“RFID Plug-and-Comply” will now be known as RFIDirect and “RFID-on-Wheels” will now be known as RFIDirect Mobile.

“Both products in the RFIDirect line are versatile and flexible enough to be easily integrated into a pre-existing warehouse space,” said MPI president Randy Kocher. “Depending on each customer’s RFID volume requirements, they can choose the RFIDirect system that fits their needs.”

RFIDirect includes either the 360RW RFID applicator, which will validate, write and affix RFID labels in a single process, or the 3600RW RFID label printer/applicator, which is the print and apply unit that eliminates the need for pre-printed RFID labels. Both can be incorporated in a scalable and modular conveyor loop system that is customized to fit each customer’s existing space configurations and can achieve speeds of 20 to 30 cases per minute.

Aimed at low to medium volume customers, RFIDirect Mobile includes an industrial cart, an RFID-enabled thermal transfer printer, EasyLabel software, communication cable and a power strip. The user only needs to provide a PC or laptop to complete the system. The portable unit can be moved around a facility without the need to disassemble and reassemble the components.

MPI offers assistance in evaluating a company’s current set-up and can recommend the best RFID system for their operation. For help determining what RFID set-up is the best fit for your current operation, contact MPI at 800.837.2134 or [email protected].

About MPI Label Systems
MPI Label Systems, with more than 500 employees, seven manufacturing facilities and 35 sales offices, has specialized in pressure-sensitive, flexographic labels and labeling systems for more than 30 years. The company has been a pioneer in the development of RFID and digital label production and application technology. MPI’s Machine Division, is an authorized, licensed sales and service agent for Zebra Technologies RFID printers/encoders and for CTM label application equipment. The read/write head unit for the HF or UHF 360 RW applicator was designed by MPI Label Systems for RFID embedded label applications and is only available through MPI’s sales and service network.