High Throughput 16-Lane Checkweigher

Jan. 30, 2006
Thompson Scale Company, a manufacturer of checkweighing systems, packaging machinery controls, and customproduction scales,has released the new TSC 350

Thompson Scale Company, a manufacturer of checkweighing systems, packaging machinery controls, and custom
production scales,has released the new TSC 350 16x Checkweigher. This advanced and efficient checkweigher is capable of weighing, classifying, and rejecting up to 16 items simultaneously for quality control in packaging.
The TSC 350 16x Checkweigher is a drag chain style scale designed for large quantity weighing in high production packaging lines. It utilizes two strands of Nylatron® flat-link chain to convey product across the weighing portion of each scale. The Model TSC 350 16x Checkweigher is designed for in-motion weighing of rigid, semi-rigid, and stable products weighing from five grams to 10 kilograms. Its unique design, consisting of 16 individual lanes, increases output of packaged products over an average checkweigher by weighing 16 times the number of items at once. The checkweigher does this while maintaining its high level of accuracy. The TSC 350 16x offers conveyor speeds up to 300 ft/min, is capable of weighing up to an unprecedented 5,600 units/min, with accuracies of up to +/- 0.5 gram.

Models from two to 16 lanes are available. The benefits of such a checkweigher can be substantial as weighing higher quantities allow for a much greater production yield while still maintaining strict quality control of all items produced.

This checkweighing system is a simple, easy to use, rugged, yet highly accurate small package production scale. The TSC 350 16x can be configured to handle virtually any shape or size package. Examples of containers are boxes, cans, bottles, or rigid shrink-wrapped packages.

Unlike other in-motion scales, the TSC 350 16x does not require the use of photo-eyes (in most cases) to detect the presence of a package crossing the scale. This is another unique aspect of the checkweigher. This feature eliminates the costs and problems (such as downtime, unweighed product, or incomplete weigh data) that are associated with dirty or misaligned photo-eye sensors.

These checkweighers are constructed of all stainless steel components and are available in various configurations to meet specific requirements: food grade (compliant applications), washdown and corrosive applications, as well as hazardous environments up to Class I, Division 1. They also offer a variety of reject options as well as optional conveyors, light displays, alarms, reporting packages, communication interfaces, and Eriez® brand metal detectors.

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