PLS to Offer RFID Tracking of Reusables

July 22, 2009
DALLAS—Xterprise has partnered with Packaging Logistics Services (PLS), a provider of plastic returnable packaging, to deploy RFID-based tracking and management of returnable transport assets.

PLS expects to leverage the Clarity Reusable Transport Item (RTI) application from Xterprise to offer asset management capabilities to clients in the food and beverage, automotive and industrial markets throughout Europe.

"We know how important it is for companies to track and manage assets as those resources move through the supply chain," says Jon Graves, general manager of PLS. "Through this collaborative effort with Xterprise, we will be able to offer enhanced management services to companies who want the benefits of RFID, but who may not be ready to make that investment on their own."

"Right now, we are evaluating the use of the Clarity RTI application for a major European beverage supplier," adds Graves. "Combined with our existing capabilities, this solution allows us to really differentiate ourselves from our competition."

The application is used to track a variety of reusable transport assets—from totes and racks to containers and reusable packaging—throughout the item's lifecycle. In real-world implementations, Clarity RTI has helped organizations increase reusable asset utilization by 40%, reduce acquisition costs by 30%, lower operating costs by 25% and improve transactional accuracy by 75% or more, according to Xterprise.