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Speed-Master® 1600

May 7, 2009
High performance door.

The next generation of the Speed-Master® Series of high speed roll-up doors, the Speed-Master® 1600 is designed for exterior or interior door openings up to 14’wide x 16’high. It combines the reliablility of a direct-drive motor/gearbox, panel breakaway system and low-profile guide tracks that the original Speed-Master® Series is known for, with updated Hörmann door technology including the Quick Connect™ HFC1 plug-in control box, opening speed up to 60“ per second and an exclusive 5 & 2 warranty. Another new Speed-Master®, the Model 2600, is also available for exterior or interior door openings up to 20’ wide x 24‘ high. Contact Hörmann Flexon for the new Speed-Master® brochure today.

Contact: Alice Permigiani
Phone: (800) 365-3667, ext. 323
Email: [email protected]