Invensys Group Offers Lifecycle Services

Jan. 1, 2004
MONTREAL -- The Invensys Vision & Robotics group announced a new comprehensive Lifecycle Services Program designed to extend system life and lower total

MONTREAL -- The Invensys Vision & Robotics group announced a new comprehensive Lifecycle Services Program designed to extend system life and lower total cost of ownership for its vision inspection and robotic manufacturing accelerator solutions.

The program will be tailored to each customer's needs and includes access to technical experts for quick problem resolution, guaranteed resource availability and fast response for critical systems during emergencies, system maintenance and administration. The program is designed to extend system life and improve asset productivity. "Because of the business downturn during the past few years, many companies have cut their maintenance and engineering staffs," said Charles Magnan, vice president of the Invensys Vision & Robotics group. "Now that business is on the upswing, these same companies are looking to augment their internal resources with complementary outside support. Our objective is to provide services that are focused on keeping systems healthy and in optimal running condition."

Lifecycle Services focus on productivity and system uptime issues such as unplanned system downtime, system component obsolescence and high-cost and extended-duration failures. Through discussions with current maintenance, engineering and production personnel, Vision & Robotics can develop approaches focused on proactive maintenance, managed obsolescence and fast response to improve system availability, reduce downtime and extend the life of a system.

"Our customers in the lighting, turbomachinery, continuous Web manufacturing, pharmaceutical and automotive industries, like all other industries, want to optimize the use of their assets," Magnan said. "The bottom line is Lifecycle Services is focused on improving return on assets."

The Lifecycle Services Program focuses on providing the following key service recommendations:

-- Regular system maintenance and administration to reduce unplanned downtime and improving asset uptime.

-- Fast access to the right people when emergencies occur lowering repair cost and reducing downtime.

-- Proactive managed obsolescence for obsolete or soon-to-be obsolete parts to ensure that either spare parts are available or substitutes are engineered into the system

-- System reconfiguration to manage new product types or variations.

"Every manufacturing plant has different support and maintenance needs," said Yvan Castilloux, Lifecycle Services program manager for the Invensys Vision & Robotics group. "Our approach is to understand plant requirements, existing staffing levels and maintenance plans and customize a program that makes sense for the plant and a customer's budget."

For more information on Invensys Lifecycle Services, contact Yvan Castilloux at 514-485-8003 or by e-mail at [email protected]

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