Oct. 4, 2006
Buckhorn adds a new model to the Citadel line, the most efficient reusable plastic bulk box for the secure transport of bulk fluid and semi-solid materials.

Buckhorn adds a new model to the Citadel™ line, the most efficient reusable plastic bulk box for the secure transport of bulk fluid and semi-solid materials. The new Citadel-v™ has an integral valve port and molded-in sump area for the controlled, efficient, and sanitary discharge of contents. Citadel-v’s unique hinged cover of high-impact HDPE latches securely in place over the recessed valve port for an additional level of security and product protection. The cover is standard on the new model and forms an additional protective barrier against content contamination from liquids, dust, and airborne debris during shipment and extended storage.

The Citadel-v holds up to 300 gallons or 3,000 lbs. of products and was developed for the food and beverage industry and other producers of non-hazardous liquids. The new container uses disposable, multi-ply liners, available from various manufacturers, and is compatible with both the form-fit and pillow style models.

Replacing wood or steel containers with the Citadel prevents worker injury from protruding nails, splinters, and metal banding. The Citadel-v’s unique lid features recessed latches that secure at multiple points and contoured channels that prevent the accumulation of water and debris. Lid edges are flush with the side panels to prevent breakage from impact. The container’s strong base and double wall construction add durability and extend service life. Lids interlock with the base feet and runners of the next filled container, which allows stacking up to three units high.

The Citadel-v features:
· Centrally located valve port for ease of use
· A high impact cover for full valve port protection
· Double-wall panels for strength and product protection
· Panels that set up quickly and lock securely in place
· Ergonomic handles for safe, efficient panel movement
· Quick release latches allow rapid fold down for efficient return shipping and storage
· Smooth interior and exterior surfaces for easy cleaning
· Compatibility with many identification systems including; tags, labels and RFID for inventory control and in-process tracking
· An efficient 48” x 45” x 46” footprint that reduces wasted storage space by up to 40% when compared to palletized 8:33:14 AMdrums

Replacing alternative bulk packaging with the Citadel reduces labor and handling requirements, lowers transportation expense, and eliminates the cost of metal banding and disposables. The Citadel has a collapse ratio of 2.9:1 and provides efficient cube utilization for reduced storage and return freight costs. Molded from high strength resin, the Citadel-v is weather and chemical resistant and 100% recyclable.

Buckhorn, a Myers Industries, Inc. company (NYSE: MYE), is one of North America’s leading providers of reusable plastic packaging solutions, helping customers in the manufacturing, distribution, and food industries improve supply chain performance and reduce material handling costs. Buckhorn products include a broad selection of bulk and hand-held containers, pallets, and custom dunnage, plus services ranging from reusables implementation to custom product design.

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