LightRay Optics

March 25, 2005
Renton, Wash.: Microscan now offers the LightRay Optics, a patented lighting accessory that easily attaches to Microscans MS-Q handheld imagers to enhance

Renton, Wash.: Microscan now offers the LightRay Optics, a patented lighting accessory that easily attaches to Microscan’s MS-Q handheld imagers to enhance their ability to read direct part marks.

The LightRay Optics is Microscan’s patented lighting solution that easily attaches to the front of the MS-Q Quadrus handheld imager. By directing light at the symbol (or mark) at a very shallow angle, the LightRay increases symbol contrast for the reader and improves overall symbol readability. The LightRay Optics is especially useful for reading 2D symbols directly marked on highly reflective surfaces such as polished, shiny metals. The LightRay’s patented optics diffuses the light, enabling the reader to see the symbol much more clearly.

Microscan’s patented LightRay Optics provides several benefits. “The LightRay is very easy to use,” commented Matt Allen, product manager for Microscan’s industrial product line. “The slope is designed specifically for the user to quickly position the unit at the right angle to read direct part marks. This feature alone dramatically speeds up the reading process for symbols marked on reflective surfaces.” The optimal focal length is already built into the LightRay Optics. No custom programming is required to read several different code types. All the user needs to do is attach the LightRay to the unit and the imager is ready to read codes marked on reflective surfaces for any application.

Unlike other products that have lighting solutions permanently integrated into the unit, the patented LightRay can be easily attached to the MS-Q or quickly removed. This allows the MS-Q to be used under normal operations when the LightRay Optics is not needed. The LightRay Optics is constructed out of industrial grade materials to withstand harsh factory environments. If it does become damaged, the LightRay is field replaceable. The entire imager doesn’t need to be sent back to the factory for repair.

Microscan’s patented LightRay Optics further enhances the MS-Q handheld imager’s ability to read tough direct part marks.
Combining high-speed processing with optimized lighting, MS-Q imagers provide fast, accurate decoding of low contrast, directly marked bar codes and 2D symbols used for parts traceability. In aerospace and other applications involving large parts that require mobility, the MS-Q’s Bluetooth wireless protocol with a 300-foot communication range is especially attractive. Tethered and batch units are also available.

Microscan representatives are available for comment on Microscan’s patented LightRay Optics and direct part mark-related topics. Please contact Susan Snyder at 425-226-5700 or by e-mail at [email protected].

Founded in 1982, Microscan was the first company to successfully integrate a laser diode into a scanner. Today, with a broad range of products servicing all major industries, Microscan continues its leadership role in advancing the state of the art in the bar code industry. Microscan is a Spectris company.

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