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Advance Condor XL Rider-Scrubber

June 17, 2009
The new Advance Condor XL rider-scrubber offers a wide cleaning path for large cleaning applications and front-wheel steering for maneuverability.

Counter-rotating cylindrical brushes sweep and scrub in a single pass for efficient cleaning in distribution centers, manufacturing plants, warehouses, beverage distributing or food processing facilities, according to Nilfisk-Advance, manufacturer of the Advance brand.

The Condor XL has a 100-gallon solution tank and 67-inch-wide cleaning path, allowing it to clean up to 100,000 square feet without stopping.

It also features the Advance AXP onboard detergent dispensing system that delivers chemicals at a specified dilution ratio. Side brooms are equipped with the Advance DustGuard dust-suppression system, which controls dust by creating a “fog” around each broom that prevents dust from becoming airborne and settling on adjacent surfaces.

The rider-scrubber also features the Advance OneTouch system, allowing for scrubbing to begin with the press of a button. Sightlines provide a direct view of the cleaning path, and the recovery tank has a tilt-out, lift-off design or optional drain door. The unit’s modular MaxAccess design enhances serviceability and provides tools-free access to all systems, says Nilfisk-Advance.

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