ProMat Product Preview

Jan. 1, 2001
A look at new products for the material handling industry.

ProMat Product Preview

The largest and most comprehensive international material handling and logistics event will take place February 12-15 at McCormick Place North in Chicago. Here is a preview of products to check out at the show.

Tharo Systems Inc.

The new Tharo PA500w print-and-apply system is a fast and accurate, yet inexpensive printer/applicator. The PA500w is capable of printing and applying more than 100 labels per minute to the top or side of a product. Booth 3173.

Philadelphia Scientific

The Instant Install water injector system is manufactured according to detailed layout specifications of the most common battery sizes allowing you to cut your installation time to less than five minutes. Booth 1861.


Protema lightweight stackers have lifting capacities of up to 440 lbs and are battery powered. The 24V system allows for an ample number of lift cycles per day without recharging. Can be used for all types of lifting. Booth 750.

Mentor AGVS

The company will exhibit a moving, laser-guided vehicle as well as video and literature describing coil handling vehicles for handling coils on the ID and OD -- up to 60 tons. Booth 947.

Carron Net Co. Inc.

Conveyor guard nets. Rack guard nets. Product catch nets help reduce product damage and greatly reduce the danger of employee injury. Designed specifcally for storage areas and pallet rack installation. Booth 2165.

ITW Ramset/Red Head

The company will highlight its new LDT fast-installation, high-performance, removable, and finished head anchoring system. See this exciting technology demonstrated and pull-tested. See how you can reduce installation time in half. Booth 3428.

J&L Wire Cloth Co.

Galvanized wire rack decking for pallet rack. Booth 1672.

Measurement Systems International

CellScale combines advanced weighing technology with RF cellular communication. CellScale serves as the central controller for processing sensor inputs and wirelessly communicates the outputs to a family of peripheral weighing devices. Booth 3423.



The company will exhibit a full range of lift truck attachments that will include carton clamps, bale clamps, rotators, push/pull, fork positioners and side shifts. Booth 1265.

Hodge Mfg. Co. Inc.

Security Storage System, 60" wide x 24" deep x 84" high with removable plastic bins or with plastic bins and adjustable shelves. Booth 2515.

Mezzanine Safeti-Gates Inc.

Manufacturer of the Roly safety gate, a patented two-gate system that secures the ledges of pallet drop areas on mezzanines and elevated platforms, ensuring that one gate is in place during the entire workflow operation. Booth 1735.


Metal Keypad Controllers give operators of heavy equipment a small, hand-held controller with a tough, aluminum-extruded housing. The rugged, lightweight units are ergonomically designed and built to take a beating. Booth 1720.

Scaglia America Inc.

Electric and pneumatic balancers include custom end effectors, single- or double-jointed pivoting arms and vacuum attachments. The electric balancer can be mounted and interfaced on most lift trucks and pallet jacks. Booth 1262.

Handling Specialty

The company will highlight its newest generation of automotive CSA skillet lifts designed for sport utility vehicle assembly. The skillet lift exemplifies Handling Specialty's expertise at providing engineered-to-order solutions. Booth 2942

Aigner Index

The company will introduce the Slip Strip self-adhesive label holder. Its bottom loading design holds any size label, price display or sign. It features a clear window with white background for uniform appearance. Booth 3420

Drexel Industries

Products include the Swingmast line of very narrow aisle trucks, the EX for hazardous and combustible environments, DXR/MDR reach trucks for efficient warehouse cube utilization, and the LLH for long loads. Booth 609

Radcliffe Systems Inc.

ROC is an innovative warehouse management system designed to cut operating costs and improve productivity and service. ROC is Web-enabled and utililizes bar coding and RF communication with an ASP option. Booth 06.

Serco Company

Versa-Dock XL handles high-cube, "low boy" trailers and conventional trailers at a single dock position. The Versa-Dock XL allows 9' wide access for below-dock loading where double-wide pallets and 8' wide racks are commonly used. Booth 1227.

Rousseau Metal Inc.

Modular drawer and cabinet systems, Spider Shelving Systems and Workstation systems offer versatility and quality. The custom-designed multi-purpose frame assures sturdiness, quality and adaptability to most workbench tops on the market. Booth 437.

Materials Transportation Company

The Carney Battery Bull is just what you need when your facility requires up to 150 quick battery changes per day. This easy-to-operate, hydraulically powered man-aboard system is designed for efficiency and safety. Booth 1445.

Crown Equipment Corp.

The Wave (an acronym for Work Assist Vehicle) elevates a person and load up to 7 feet. It travels nearly twice as fast as the average walking speed and navigates easily in tight spaces. Booth 1425.

LINPAC Materials Handling

Plastic, reusable, collapsible and non-collapsible, pallet-sized shipping containers and pallets with 32" x 30", 48" x 40" and 48" x 45" footprints are available, as well as extended-length and hopper-bottom containers. Booth 111.

Flow-Rite Controls

The Millennium battery watering system saves money on lift truck battery maintenance, enhances operator safety and extends the life of the battery. The system operates from 3 to 33 psi. Booth 2160.

HK Systems

The new Zero Pressure Accumulating Conveyor offers quiet operation, efficient carton release, and accumulation on curves. Also on exhibit: storage/retrieval machines, automatic guided vehicles, conveyors, palletizers, sortation equipment and design and aftermarket services. Booth 1461.


Advanced fulfillment network solutions manage and optimize processes to exceed order fulfillment expectations, while lowering costs. iristaFulfill WMS is based on event-driven workflow engines providing the responsiveness needed in today's e-world. Booth 100.

Lift-Rite Inc.

The new LR2055 hand pallet truck presents increased 5,500-lb. capacity, enhanced performance and reliability, greater steering range, improved lowering speed and control, modern appearance and silent rolling. Booth 1635.

Autoquip Corp.

The company offers a full line of material handling products designed to improve productivity and safety with ergonomic solutions for in-plant, dock and high-travel freight elevation applications. Booth 3225.

Rapistan Systems

Model 1265 ESAC electronic-sensing accumulation conveyor allows smooth product accumulation and quiet operation for low- to high-rate applications. The modular system's standard components snap fit to the pneumatic zone controls. Booth 1007.


Swisslog’s warehouse management system runs on NT, Unix and Linux with Oracle as well as AS/400 environments and integrates with RF devices, bar code printers and material handling systems. Booth 57.

Lockwood Greene

Lockwood Greene is a leading consulting, design and construction firm with expertise in manufacturing process optimization, warehousing and distribution, general material handling, systems integration, Lean and Agile Manufacturing training, visualization, and simulation services. Booth 3543.

Blue Giant

These truck restraints center around a non-impact, swing-up hydraulic arm applying up to 55,000 lb of pressure to confine trailers rear impact guards (ICC bars). Vehicles remain safely stationed at the loading dock. Booth 2830.

AGV Products Inc.

The company will have a live automated factory demo, displaying two state-of-the-art automatic guided vehicle systems. Representatives will be on hand, offering free consultations on your specific application. Booth 1240.

Baldor Electric Co.

Super-E motors represent higher efficiencies, greater energy savings and faster payback. They meet or exceed the rebate levels for premium efficiency motors established by the Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE) and followed by most electric utilities. Booth 1961.

The Caldwell Group Inc.

The Posi-Turner is an innovative rotation system with heavy-duty slings, and optional powered load leveler. It solves complicated rotations for most work piece applications, and features a one-operator controls unit. Booth 3241.

W.A. Schmidt Inc.

SpaceLoft custom widespan mezzanines are designed to increase usable workspace and allow smooth integration with storage and retrieval systems. They offer rigidity without interference. Nut-and-bolt assembly allows quick installation. Booth 2616.

MARC Systems

The company’s warehouse management system (WMS) incorporates the latest in palm computing, voice and radio frequency technology, It is easily configured and supports customers’ changing e-business models while meeting delivery requirements. Booth 39.

Roberts-Gordon Corp.

The VANTAGE II heater meets the challenges of heating warehouses such as poor insulation, significant air changes when overhead doors are opened and space constraints. Benefits include fuel efficiency, reduced heating cost and quick heat recovery. Booth 548.

The Raymond Corp.

Products range from hand pallet trucks, powered walkies and stackers to counterbalanced trucks, narrow aisle reach trucks, and very narrow aisle orderpickers and dual-purpose (pallet handling/case picking) Swing-Reach trucks. Booth 1501.

Borroughs Corp.

The Multi-Tier mezzanine system is solid, strong and versatile. It makes use of wasted or often ignored vertical space to increase storage capacity within your existing facility. Booth 2219.

Metrologic Instruments

HoloTrak bar code scanners for walk-under, shipping/receiving and non-tracking conveyor scanning applications; HoloTunnel multi-sided scanning, tracking and sortation system; OEM scan engines, and POS scanners will be on display. Booth 2612.

Speedrack Products Group Ltd.

Speedrack Modular Rollback System lets you store up to 10 pallets deep in each bay. Modules are gravity operated for simple, troublefree operation for loads up to 3,000 pounds. Booth 1932.


The company will show its full line of anti-fatigue floor mats. Mats are available for all areas -- from hospital operating rooms to machine shops. Comfort and durability are key words. Booth 1760.

Frazier Industrial Co.

Glide N’ Pick is a patented pull-out cart that allows pickers easy access to items located on the back of a pallet. It improves safety and efficiency, reduces product loss and injury. Booth 1219.

Complex Steel & Wire Corp.

EZ wire rack decking improves the efficiency of pallet rack installations. High-strength steel construction provides an excellent surface for varying size loads. Storage lockers are also available in standard sizes. Booth 420.

Presto Lifts Inc.

The Adjustable Welding Table allows the welding platen to be exactly at the right ergonomic height. Units handle weight capacities up to 6,000 lbs and platen sizes up to 5’ x 8’. Booth 415.

Long Reach Inc.

The Mark 55 Push Pull lift truck attachment handles slip-sheeted loads as well as a variety of pallet types. It handles GMA, nine-block, 4-way entry pallets and many other types. Booth 1345.

Topper Industrial

The Ergo Tilt Veyor is an over-and-under workstation that readies part containers, tilts to the operator and discharges containers using no external power source. The self-contained unit works with gravity and counterweights. Booth 3135.


The company offers a virtual exhibit at The digital demonstration provides immediate help for companies that can’t wait to begin solving their order fulfillment problems. Booth 1415.

Intek Integration Technologies

Warehouse Librarian is a PC client/server warehouse management system that supports the full range of warehouse operations with seamless integration of carousels, bar coding and radio frequency terminals. Booth 870

Quantronix Inc.

CubiScans, dimensioning and weighing systems, automate the process of measuring dimensions and computing the volume of freight in transportation and distribution applications. Information is electronically stored and transferred to a host computer. Booth 1372.


Power & Free Conveyor System has all the advantages of an enclosed track overhead conveyor system. Single or multiple trolleys handle various carrying capacities. Track sections are prefabricated. Booth 465.


The Dispatcher-WMS warehouse management system, whether as a standalone WMS or closely integrated with other supply chain applications, provides real-time view into the supply chain, improving control, decision-making and customer service levels. Booth 101.

Wire Crafters Inc.

Separate, secure or store valued items with this easy-to-install woven wire partition system. Build partitions, enclosures or storage areas of any size or configuration. Hinged and sliding gates are available. Booth 252.

Aero-Motive Co.

The new VPR Hose Reel line is the newest solution to hose management at an economical price. Come see our large selection of hose and cable reels, tool balancers and workstations. Booth 448.

Schaefer Systems

The company will display a mezzanine equipped with a wide range of accessories. R3000 shelving was developed especially for high bay load capacities and multi-level storage applications. Booth 1827 and 2516.

Weber Marking Systems Inc.

The LegiJet Model ML500 prints the tallest ink jet bar codes, text and graphics in the industry at 2.8" high, with 180-dpi clarity, making it ideal for carton coding. Booth 432

FKI Logistex

FKI Logistex will feature presentations by industry leaders and surround-sound DVDs of the latest material flow solutions as well as industry software solutions. This material flow solutions provider combines seamless integration and responsive support through wholly owned companies that work together and individually to serve the best interests of their customers. Companies include Mathews Conveyor, Alvey , Buschman, Crisplant, Crisplant a/s, Logilearn, DAVCO, Industry General, Real Time Solutions, SNE and White Systems. Booths 1407 and 97.

PSC Inc.

The SureScan® 770i Omni-Directional Scanner tracks and sorts bar coded items on 10"-18" conveyors. Packed with features for modern distribution centers, it is ideal for scanning personal care products, videos, toys, small electronics and books. Booth 627.


This line of PVC doors and curtains includes Clear-Flex® II PVC strip doors, bulk rolls of stripping, impact doors, and the Safe/Vue line of portable welding screens, sliding partitions, and custom enclosures. Booth 2834.

Morse Mfg. Co. Inc.

New developments in drum handling equipment. Morse makes products for drum moving, opening, lifting, tilting, pouring, heating, weighing, stacking, and agitating or mixing. Also design and build custom drum-handlers. Booth 2148.

Prest Rack Inc.

The Prest Lock 2 teardrop system features an enclosed column as well as standard tubular bracing for increased strength and durability. It is compatible with most teardrop lines on the market. Booth 1834.

Hanel Storage Systems

High-density, automated storage and retrieval systems increase productivity, reduce floor space, add security and organization to inventory control.Vertical lift modules, storage carousels and Windows software reduce inventory storage costs. Booth 1622.

Multiton MIC Corp.

Multiton is proud to introduce our newest electric pallet truck, the EME30.

Designed as an alternative for hand pallet truck customers, the EME's

smaller size and low maintenance AC Drive Motor, ensure this unit will be a

show stopper wherever you are. Booth 2065.

Penco Products

Clipper industrial shelving is the perfect product for high-rise or mezzanine installations. Shelves have built-in box-beam reinforcements and are available in three gauges. Posts allow adjustment on one-inch centers. Booth 1224.

Wesley International Corp.

Wesley specializes in a full range of lifting equipment ranging from standard and special size pallet trucks, through electric straddle trucks. The Pack Mule brand manufactures electric personnel and burden carriers. Booth 1823.

JET Equipment & Tools

Several new products will be featured including manual chain hoists with overload protection, slings, scissor lift tables, dollies and aluminum hand trucks. Booth 843.

Unex Mfg.

Span-Track 3D carton flow track features 3" channels for handling 50#/ft over 10' unsupported spans. Full-width rollers provide total carton support and superior flow. Span-Track is easily added to any pallet rack. Booth 240.

exSYNC International

This worldwide consulting and systems integration firm is dedicated to providing supply chain planning, execution and collaboration solutions to the mid-market. Booth 66.

Advance Storage Products

Store twice as much product in the same space with Lo-Pro Pushback systems. Available in 2 & 6 deep, Advance boasts the lowest stack height in the industry and fits all rack systems. Full Support Pushback stores any pallet. Booth 658.

Gorbel Inc.

The new G-Force is an innovative new Intelligent Lifting Device, designed for applications that require high speed lifting (up to 275 fpm), smooth performance and very precise positioning. Booth 1040.

Bushman Equipment Inc.

Electronic load cells that provide immediate, accurate and dependable weight information are now available on bottom blocks, coil lifters and upenders. Weight data can be recorded and sent directly to plant networks and/or displayed on a digital "scoreboard" readout. Booth 821.

Container And Pallet Services (CAPS)

CAPS-TRAC tracks individual returnable containers and pallets using ADC and an Internet-based account allowing customers to access shipping cycle information 24/7. Also provides detailed reports for successful material handling management. Booth 3009.

Southworth Products Corp.

Backsaver Lite lifts are designed to improve productivity and increase worker safety in applications involving loads of 500 to 1,500 pounds. Stationary, portable and compact units are available. Booth 1257.

Cherry's Industrial Equipment Corp.

Pallet inverters are designed to handle the turning of a wide variety of load sizes and shapes. The 180-degree inverter makes pallet exchange to plastic or rental pallets quick and simple. Booth 1659.

Mathews Conveyor

The company's complete line includes transfer cars, carton conveyors, sortation systems, heavy-duty conveyor equipment, verticals, controls, distribution systems, palletizers and pallet handling. Booths 1407 and 97.

Rice Lake Weighing Systems

Ensuring accurate kitting, parts counting, inventory and quality control, the IQ 9500 counting scale boasts a counting resolution of 1/1,000,000, and can interface with a printer and multiple scales. Booth 1057.

East Penn Mfg. Co. Inc.

Deka Dominator gel batteries provide dependable maintenance-free power for any material handling need. Sealed design eliminates acid spills and routine maintenance. Deka Gel Mate features convenient built-in charger. Booth 452.

Best Diversified Products Inc.

The company will showcase two new products: the BestReach Rigid Roller and Rigid Belt trailer loading/unloading systems. Both these conveyors will revolutionize the way you look at material handling. Booth 1452.

Steel King Industries Inc.

SK3000 structural rack has a unique bracing pattern that results in up to 44 times more resistant to torsional lift truck impact. Its tough powder coat paint finish is 94% more resistant to chipping and scratching. Booth 832.

Lista International Corp.

The Shelf Converter drawer system is a modular storage unit that retrofits into standard industrial shelving. It transforms open shelving into space-saving drawer storage to organize small parts and tools. Booth 924.


The electronic PW800 pallet weigh truck lets you check weights anywhere in-plant or in transit without lugging loads to a platform scale. It uses a legal-for-trade load cell and indictor. Booth 3217.

Diamond Phoenix

Maxtractor high-speed extractor systems enable customers to achieve high throughput rates and increased accuracy in crossdocking applications and buffer storage. Also introduced will be a new pick-to-light order fulfillment system. Booth 2015.

WAGO Corp.

The Ethernet buscoupler can be connected to modules of the company's I/O system. These modules feature a wide variety of analog, digital and specialty function inputs and outputs. Booth 2648.

Wildeck Inc.

Custom-engineered mezzanines increase usable floor space in a building. WilLift vertical reciprocating conveyors safely transport material between levels and Wilgard safety products protect equipment, buildings and personnel from moving warehouse equipment. Booth 1848.

Interroll Corp.

DriveControl ZPA+4 is a new control mechanism that communicates with as many as four conveyor zones simultaneously to provide accurate zero pressure accumulation. It was designed for Driveroll motorized rollers. Booth 1945.

Strong Hold Products

These 12-gauge metal storage products feature all-welded construction, adjustable shelves, and 3-point lock system with hasp, 8-gauge hinges, shipped completely assembled. More than 300 items are stocked for immediate shipment. Booth 848.

Remstar International

A Universal Workstation will integrate horizontal carousels, vertical carousels, Shuttle Vertical Lift Modules and pick-to-light flow rack all being driven by FastPic4 inventory management software from FastPic Systems. Booth 1015.


The company will exhibit selective pallet rack, drive-in, long-span shelving, boltless shelving, as well as its new Internet portal on logistics and its magazine on storage solutions. Booth 1232, 1432.


The BulkPak Container System combines all the best aspects of other collapsible containers and goes a step further by improving upon durability, reparability and identification options. Booth 1207.


All-purpose storage cabinets are equipped with removable LEWISBins+ Parts Bins for added storage convenience. The polypropylene parts bins suspend from the louvered walls within the cabinet for optimized space utilization. Booth 825.

I.D. Systems Inc.

Wireless Fleet Management System provides safety and cost benefits for lift trucks and other equipment, including access control, electronic checklists, impact sensor, location tracking, text messaging, usage detection/upload, and automated battery rotation management. Booth 119.

MegaStar Systems

MegaLift VLM & MegaStation vertical carousel provides high density, ergonomically beneficial, and productivity-enhancing storage and retrieval systems for stockrooms, manufacturing, workstations, service departments, and small parts handling. Booth 3212.

Richards-Wilcox Inc.

The company manufactures material handling systems including overhead power & free conveyors, and carousel systems such as the High Cube II Vertical Lift Module, the HSR (horizontal storage and retrieval systems), and the VSR (vertical storage and retrieval system). Booth 1319.

International Storage Systems

Racks, carts, trucks and workstations are available in a variety of sizes and configurations. Wire, aluminum, and solid surfaces, as well as plastics are incorporated into ISS designs. ISS exports worldwide. Booth 2137.

Lilly Software Associates

VISUAL Distribution: complete supply-chain solution, 3PL, WMS, end-to-end functionality. Real-time integration. Best-in-class WMS supports warehousing from receiving through shipping. Multi-warehouse inventory management, cross-docking, wave planning, labor management, multi-level BOM, light-manufacturing. Booth 21.

FastPick Systems

FastPic4 advanced inventory management software improves speed and orderpicking accuracy in manufacturing, warehousing and distribution applications. It will be installed on workstations in exhibits in booths 1015 and 3212.

Lapeyre Stair

Alternating-tread stairs reduce risk of injury, improve labor productivity and conserve expensive floor space. The design allows for comfortable face-forward descent. Safety features include handrails. Booth 3554.

Battery Test Inc.

Preventive maintenance. Automated MCBA computerized load-tester/analyzer with unique Total Battery Management system. Saves labor and dollars (only 10-12 minutes of setup time to run full capacity tests). Booth 3655.

Kardex Systems Inc.

The new Industriever Titan III vertical lift storage system features a vertical lift speed of 150 feet per minute and a weight capacity of up to 1,200 pounds per module. Booth 2407.

Yale Materials Handling Corporation

Enhanced durability, reliability and performance are key features of Yale Materials Handling Corporation's new motorized hand trucks, the 6,000-pound-capacity MPW LE walkie pallet and MPE LE walkie rider. Booth 2027.

Lyon Workspace Products

Platinum Series modular drawer feature six different cabinet heights and 15 different drawers selections to fulfill virtually any high-density storage requirement. The base design facilitates easy lift truck access. Booth 1021.

Colson Caster Corp.

The 4 Series stainless steel caster is designed to roll in water, steam cleaning, salt solutions and chemicals. The swivel or rigid caster is rated for loads up to 900 pounds. Booth 1161.


The new ProCart functions as both a flat-top and box-top utility cart and can be outfitted with our full line of storage bins, containers and totes to transport products safely and more effectively. Booth 2628.

Top Tier

The Stackbot can palletize/depalletize two pallets at a time, up to six cases per