C/I Taskmaster

Nov. 6, 2008
Greenville, S.C. Bayne Premium Lift Systems, manufacturer of the worlds best-selling refuse cart lifters, introduces its C/I Taskmaster series of lifters

Greenville, S.C. — Bayne Premium Lift Systems, manufacturer of the world’s best-selling refuse cart lifters, introduces its C/I Taskmaster™ series of lifters for a wide variety of material handling applications, including waste disposal.

“Back injuries caused by manually lifting and dumping heavy containers of refuse or recycling materials can cost companies a lot of money — estimates put the average monetary impact to businesses at more than $14,000 for each back injury,” says Doug Pheffer, Bayne general manager. “The C/I Taskmaster lifters take over the heavy lifting, for safer, more productive workplaces.”

The C/I Taskmaster series is compatible with standard two-bar carts and tilt trucks equipped with lifting bars. Using a C/I Taskmaster lifter, an employee needs only to wheel the container to the lifter and press the “up” button. The lifter then automatically secures the cart to the lift plate, picks it up and dumps it. With a press of the “down” button, the cart is automatically returned to the ground. C/I Taskmaster lifters can be equipped with casters for mobile use, be mounted to loading docks to enable easy dumping into roll-off refuse containers or be mounted directly onto trash balers or compactors.

The three lifter models in the C/I Taskmaster series combine the proven and reliable Bayne Taskmaster cylinder lift with rigid steel frames. Lifting capacities of 550, 750 and 1,000 pounds are offered, with cycle times of eight to 10 seconds. Self-lubricating composite bearings at all pivot points eliminate the need for greasing, reducing maintenance time and expense. Each lifter is powder-coated to provide the most durable finish and is backed by the industry’s best one-year warranty.

For more information about the C/I Taskmaster series or any of the other products in Bayne’s full line of commercial and industrial lifters, call (800) 535-2671 or visit the Web site at www.baynethinline.com.