Product News

Aug. 1, 2001
A look at new products, including a variety of storage products.

Product News

Automated electrical monorail

This new AEM system does not require a chain or closed-loop track, but uses independently motor-driven carrier trolleys. Similar to an automatic guided vehicle, the AEM operates overhead, freeing floor space. Each carrier can handle up to 2,500 lb. Dearborn Mid-West Conveyor Co.

Supply chain software offers help for later

This company’s Supply Chain Execution software offers a new ‘Business Change Insurance” feature that is suited for companies who are beginning to tap into, or plan to tap into e-commerce and related software needs. “Insurance” translates to a fixed price for a software need that you think your company might have in the next two years.

Some examples might include: improved orderpicking, supply chain collaboration, JIT delivery, vendor-managed inventory, view by job function, value-added services, etc. HighJump Software.

See “Battle Plan for Storage.”

Tool cart with bins

New, heavy-duty, 2-drawer keylock tool cart with 32 louvered bins for small-parts storage. Heavy-gauge steel construction. Gillis Associated Industries, [email protected].

Stacking racks

Model LN3 open-frame stacking racks store bulky finished goods inventory. Rack provides just-in-time inventory space for work-in-process, finished goods and raw material. Also, interconnectable steel inventory “cells” stack up and tear down quickly for temporary storage. Tier-Rack,

Small parts storage

Times-2 Speed Files for versatile, dual-sided storage and filing in a locking cabinet that rotates. Multiple units can be room dividers, with access from either side, or positioned in an alcove, or against a wall. Accessories accommodate small parts. Richards Wilcox,

Wire mesh decking

Standard and custom welded wire mesh decking and collapsible wire containers for pallet racks, storage, and transportation applications. Offers a “Quick Ship” program. Atlas Material Handling, phone 847-648-3450 x178.

Adjustable rack system

Adjustable Racking System stores items of varying sizes, shapes and weight. Flexible system with removable pallets. Storage technicians can configure based on inventory needs. Standard system about 13' high. Stanley Vidmar,

Roller track for gravity flow rack

RhinoTrac, a new, full-width carton flow, roller conveyor for better flow, higher capacities and pallet racking retrofit capabilities. Unarco,


Mezzanines, work platforms and engineered storage systems. Torbeck Industries, phone 800 333-0080.

Reusable parts bins, storage systems

Durable plastic LewisBin parts bins and shelving, stationary and mobile floor stands for parts bins, cabinets, wire shelving, for improved inventory control and space optimization. Hopper-front bins facilitate easy visual and physical access to parts. Available as ESD-safe. LEWIS Bins+, a division of Menasha Material Handling Corporation,

Gravity flow rack

Model DR20 flow rack brings parts to the picker, reducing overall picking times. Compact storage and high visibility reduce orderpicking errors. First-in/first-out guarantees continuous parts availability. Schaefer Systems International,

Decking for pallet racks

Decking and accessories for pallet rack storage applications. Accessories include Kwik Klip Dividers and Carton Stops to customize wire decking. Also, metal wire baskets, shelving. Nashville Wire Products,

Mezzanine gate

Tri-Side Model Mezzanine Safety gate protects the ledges of pallet drop openings on mezzanines through a counterbalanced two-gate system. Creates a fully enclosed, controlled access area around pallet drop locations. Mezzanine Safeti-Gates,

Drive-in/drive through pallet rack

Rack eliminates unnecessary rack aisles for increased storage density. One-, two-, three- and four-load-high pallet configurations are shown. Also, cantilever rack, flow rack, Paltier.

Mezzanine pick module, rack stabilizers

Pick module incorporates mezzanines with a combination of selective pallet rack, gravity flow pallet rack, pick-to-light panels and flow rack for full case and split case cartons. Configurations are popular in distribution centers as computers direct workers to fill wheeled carts or totes. Also, Steele Clad impact panels placed inside rack structures to add rigidity to the frame column where it can be hit by lift trucks. United Steel Products,


Spec-Master closed-base cabinets minimize spills and increase ease of cleanup for foodservice. Eagle MHC, phone 800 637-5100.

Push-back rack

Push-Bak rack requires less force on the lift truck mast to load or remove pallets. The rack has box framed carts and box frame front beams for rigidity. Ridg-U-Rak.

Wire rack decking

Wire decking is for high-rise storage rack. Supports boxes for retail applications and industrial storage. Metal wire rack dividers are easy to clean, maintain. ITC.

Storage drawers, cabinets

New Platinum 240 Series modular drawer cabinet with more drawer heights, layout selections and colors. Also, 60" wide, heavy-duty tool storage cabinet with ball bearing drawer slides. Has 13-drawer roller cabinet with 6" x 2" casters rated to 2,600 lb. Also, storage cabinets. Lyon Workspace Products,

Mezzanines, racks, wire panels

WireWall partitions protect mez-zaine edges. Also offered are SpaceLoft mezzanines, stacking racks, barrier rails, catwalks and accessories. W.A. Schmidt,

FIFO storage

Gravity flow rack with three tracks. Speed controllers make for safe pallet movement. Creative Storage Systems,

Drawer/bin dividers

New dividers fit any size tray or pan in heights up to 20" and adjustable to 1/4" increments. Tabs, ESD coatings, bin cups and foam inserts available. Flexcon,

Boltless shelving

Rivet Wedge-Lok is a new boltless shelf. Components snap together without fasteners or tools. Wood, wire mesh or steel decking complete the shelves. Republic Storage Systems,

Storage drawers for shelving units

HD modular drawers are easy to install and combine with most popular shelving sizes in five colors. Partitions and dividers for drawers that hold 400 lb each. Borroughs,

Mobile storage rack

Durable, gravity flow rack for flexible, efficient FIFO inventory control for point-of-use JIT assembly. Standard at 5' wide x 3' deep x 5' high. Also, Quixxstart Kit for making your own custom mobile rack. Quixxsmart Structures, [email protected].

Mezzanine, mezzanine lifts, rack protectors

Variety of material handling equipment. Custom mezzanines erect quickly like an erector set. Sliding mezzanine gates, swing gates, vertical reciprocating conveyors, wire panel enclosures and decking. Wildeck,

Mobile storage drawer cabinets

Mobile cabinets for maintenance and tooling applications. Can be fitted with tow bars, cabinet tops and handles. Also, adjustable racks in heavy-duty applications. Stanley Vidmar,

Roll-out shelving

E-Z Glide shelving has all-welded structural uprights and shelves that adjust on 2" centers. Capacity is 2,000 lb in 36" or 48" wide and 36" or 48" deep. Jarke.

High-rise shelving

When ceiling height permits, going straight up with your storage can be the most efficient solution. Here 29-foot-high Erectomatic Shelving is used in a truck parts warehouse. Penco Products,