UniSort Controls

April 18, 2008
FKI Logistex, offers automated diagnostics and energy-saving features for its industry-leading UniSort sliding shoe and linear belt sorters.UniSort sorter

FKI Logistex, offers automated diagnostics and energy-saving features for its industry-leading UniSort® sliding shoe and linear belt sorters.UniSort sorter controls provide automated calibration, monitoring and diagnostic testing to effectively monitor and manage sortation systems, simplify maintenance procedures and reduce energy consumption.

Energy-Efficient Operation
Multispeed operation technology provided by FKI Logistex UniSort controls allows distribution and manufacturing facilities to adjust sortation operations for higher speeds and throughputs on high-demand days or during peak seasons. Matching sorter speed with demand lowers overall energy costs and reduces wear and tear on the equipment. To further reduce energy costs, the control system's energy-saving mode allows the sorter to automatically shut down during periods of inactivity. In typical installations, the sorter is configured to automatically turn off if product is not inducted during a user-configured time frame, greatly reducing the amount of energy required to run a system. Automated Diagnostics FKI Logistex UniSort sorter controls make it possible for the sorter to manage itself and ensure that the system is running at optimal performance.

Automated diagnostics, including tracking alignment, divert precision, shoe assignment and switch mechanism testing, provide easy problem identification and corrective action, lowering overall maintenance costs.

UniSort controls also include automated chain monitoring, lubrication and stretch detection to ensure sorter chains are well maintained and working properly. "Our UniSort sorter controls set the standard for integrating conveyor control, data collection, automated system diagnostics and energy-saving features," said Jerry Koch, product director of software and controls for FKI Logistex. "With a wide range of available features, FKI Logistex takes a 'best-fit technology' product approach to designing control systems for the unique requirements of each application." Best-Fit Sorter Controls UniSort sorter controls are compatible with FKI Logistex BOSS® PC-based or PLC control systems, and support UniSort sliding shoe and linear belt sortation systems. Both UniSort PC- and PLC-based systems provide energy savings, maintenance and diagnostic tools, and reliable sortation. FKI Logistex BOSS PC-based systems provide higher throughput capability and advanced system diagnostics and eliminate the need for third-party programming tools for IO debugging. PC-based controls reduce system cost and complexity by providing carton routing, print-and-apply and other typical warehouse control capabilities, eliminating the need for additional warehouse control systems.

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