Product News

Sept. 1, 2002
A look at new products for the material handling industry.


The Protect-O-Gate Clear Aisle reduces the potential for falls and accidents that can happen in mezzanine loading areas. It takes up only 10 in. of aisle space on the mezzanine ledge when the corral is raised. It provides access to the work area from three sides. Models available include pivoting, pivot-and-slide and swing gates. Benko Products Inc.;, 440-934-2180.


The SupplyPro line of inventory and information systems eliminates stock-outs and overstocking of maintenance, repair and operations supplies through an automated supply tracking and replenishment system. The SupplyPod is an array of buttons that can be positioned on existing shelving. It records removal of items. It works with any kind of existing shelving. The SupplyLocker is a security system for variable-sized items. It consists of a custom storage locker with secure metal doors. The SupplyBay gives a high level of security by dispensing items one at a time. Supply Pro;, 858-552-7610.


The MimaLite stretchwrapping systems include the CobraLite manual stretchwrapping machine and the semi-automatic Raptor 1.1 Economy Turntable system. Both use StrengthWrap, including its recovery properties. The Raptor is a low-cost alternative to hand stretchwrapping and can wrap up to 20 loads per hour. The CobraLite builds overhead arm movement into a manual-style stretchwrapper. ITW Mima;, 800-662-6462.


Wire construction decking includes reinforced channels for safety and strength. This material is a replacement for wood or particle board shelving. It offers easy maintenance and installation, plus it increases water penetration in the event of sprinkler system turn-on. Available in powder-coated finish or hot-dip galvanizing. ITC Manufacturing & Powder Coating; 800-567-6592.


The Q-1000 Automated Turntable StretchWrapping system features an infeed and exit conveyor separated by a turntable that rotates while stretch film is attached to the load. Film loading of the roll carriage is from the side. The carriage has guarding that prevents hand injuries. The pre-stretch system is powered only during the wrap cycle to protect operators.;, 800-866-0322.


Model 2632E2 narrow-width lift features a 26-ft platform height yet is just 32 in. wide. It has a stow height of 72 in., enabling it to pass through standard doors and be maneuvered in narrow aisles. It can be driven at full height at speeds of 0.5 mph. The platform includes a 3-ft rollout extension and a capacity of 500 lb. Front-wheel steering through a thumb-actuated rocker switch handles tight turns. JLG Industries Inc.;, 717-485-5161.