FKI Logistex to Build Parcel Sortation System in New Zealand

Feb. 1, 2008
ST. LOUIS--FKI Logistex is expanding its customer base in the growing Australasian market with a major new 4.8 million contract for CourierPost in New

ST. LOUIS--FKI Logistex is expanding its customer base in the growing Australasian market with a major new €4.8 million contract for CourierPost in New Zealand. Handling more than 40 million courier parcels annually and New Zealand's leading courier, logistics and distribution company, CourierPost is part of Express Couriers, a joint venture between New Zealand Post and DHL.

In a move to replace manual handling and boost throughput, improve operating efficiencies and strengthen health and safety standards, BCS Conveyor Solutions and FKI Logistex will be working in partnership to supply CourierPost's Auckland operation with an advanced sortation system. This will process out- and inbound satchels and small parcels, prior to distribution using Express Couriers' extensive road and air network across New Zealand.

BCS is supplying a complete off-load conveyor system. The extensive installation will include an FKI Logistex S-3000 CB Cross BeltSorter, incorporating carton and satchel inductions and flash bagre-induction/manual encode inductions. Due to be handed over in April 2009, the 354-metre length unit will operate at 1.7 metres per second, handling more than 19.000 items an hour.

The new facility will help Courier Post minimize health and safety risks by significantly reducing manual handling and by increasing the separation between its personnel and vehicles and fork hoists. In addition, by switching to automation, staff relations will be strengthened by freeing operators to take on more interesting and challenging multi-tasking roles.

Because of the tremendous complexity and mix of items being handled in terms of types, sizes and shapes, the FKI Logistex system will incorporate a variety of customized in-feeds. These will be designed to ensure all different load carriers and combinations of parcels, bags, tubs and satchels can be fed into the S-3000 CB sorter at the same time. The system will also feature a sophisticated in-line volume and weighing system.

Future expansion of the new sorter system can easily be implemented with minimal increase in labor. By reducing processing times and increasing volume throughput significantly, the automated process will be faster and more accurate than the current manual sortation operations.

Built using well proven modules from the FKI Logistex Software Suite, the parcel-handling equipment for CourierPost will feature an advanced, high-level control system.

Other major operating benefits will include high-speed barcode processing with video coding stations feeding the sorter with address information for pre-paid barcodes. Barcodes will be captured automatically by a camera scanner system and fed to the sorting control system, routing the item according to type and destination sort plan. The control system will also provide track-and-trace information and will add any supplementary information required. All item data collected by the sorting system will also be transmitted automatically to the Courier Post's IT platform.