July 18, 2006
Spring, TX, (Robotica Inc.) Cornerstone Automation System Inc. announces Automated Box Opening Technology (ABOT) the first automated pass through case

Spring, TX , (Robotica Inc.) Cornerstone Automation System Inc. announces Automated Box Opening Technology™ (ABOT™) the first automated pass through case cutter designed for handling thousands of sizes in random order. ABOT™ saves labor, protects workers from injury and protects contents from damage in repacking, order picking, and returns processing operations where thousands of cases are opened daily.

ABOT™ is a must for operations opening at least 2,500 boxes per day with potential ROI in under six months. Cornerstone is offering two machine sizes ABOT ONE™ for cutting up to 600 cases per hour and ABOT DUO™ for rates up to 1200 cph. ABOT™ handles boxes ranging from 2” x 2” x 1” to 30” x 23” x 20” (L x W x H).

ABOT™ is a smart machine with the capability to open boxes in random order of size, shape and opening style. Multiple cut patterns can be programmed by graphical user screen into ABOT’s processors. Cut patterns are applied to specific SKUs or packaging types based on bar codes or box size. ABOT can change cutting depth on-the-fly for different corrugate thickness.

The ABOT™ can turn shipping cases into displays and apply perforated cuts as a value-add feature. The “pre-cut” function allows perforated cases to be opened by hand eliminating the need for using box cutters and razor blades at point of sale or stocking operations.

ABOT™ systems are completely automatic self feeding and self aligning. All material handling is included. Cases and cartons can be fed manually or via upstream conveyors handling cases sealed with tape or glue in various carton styles and flap configurations.

Stop worker injuries and damage to product associated with manually opening cases with the first truly automated case opening system. Let ABOT™ provides productivity, labor savings and value add to your logistic operations.

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Cornerstone Automation System Inc. has been in operation since 2002 providing highly cost effective software and hardware solutions for logistics and warehouse operations. CASI’s highly talented staff is heavily experienced designing and manufacturing cutting edge automation solutions for Fortune 100 companies. Cornerstones long line of very flexible off-the-shelf components and software provides the logistics market with customized automation at a fraction of the typical systems integrator cost. The effectiveness of CASI’s designs and niche market solutions is evidenced by four years of triple digit growth since inception.