June 20, 2007
New, patent-pending sortation subsystem boosts existing capacity, avoiding costly expansion (St. Louis, Missouri, USA) FKI Logistex (,

New, patent-pending sortation subsystem boosts existing capacity, avoiding costly expansion

(St. Louis, Missouri, USA) FKI Logistex® (, a global leader in integrated material handling solutions, announces the launch of the UniSort® MXT™ software module, a new, patent-pending sortation subsystem that dramatically increases sorter throughput. The UniSort MXT takes advantage of proven FKI Logistex software intelligence to boost existing material handling capacity and avoid the costly expansion of square footage, equipment or personnel.

With UniSort MXT technology, distribution and manufacturing facilities can quickly scale to absorb peak product demand on a daily or seasonal basis and ramp up for future growth at minimal cost. The software's algorithms optimize merging, induction and sortation, enabling rates well in excess of 300 cartons per minute, the industry's peak throughput level attainable to date.

At one large Dollar Tree® Stores distribution center, UniSort MXT technology made a significant impact on throughput, allowing the company to grow within existing infrastructure. "UniSort MXT technology allowed us to increase our sortation rates significantly," says Doug Drews, vice president, distribution center operations, Dollar Tree Stores, Inc. "With some minor hardware changes, FKI Logistex enabled us to support our continuing growth and outbound volume without adding additional run-time. As a result, we are better able to leverage our existing system infrastructure."

"Scaling up under current competitive pressures is a daunting task when you look at the cost and time dependencies of infrastructure expansion," says Stephen Legg, FKI Logistex director of product and technology development. "UniSort MXT technology offers FKI Logistex customers a tremendous value proposition — increase capacity significantly and quickly. Our engineering expertise and software intelligence proves that FKI Logistex is the clear choice in the material handling marketplace."

A PC-based upgrade to new or existing systems, the UniSort MXT software module achieves higher throughputs by maximizing product density without the machine wear caused by increases in sorter speeds. Unlike competitive solutions that increase equipment wear-and-tear, noise, energy consumption, and order inaccuracy, the UniSort MXT's completely software-based solution extends a sorter's effective life, while reducing overall cost, maintaining accuracy, decreasing noise and energy levels, and improving ROI.

UniSort MXT software can increase the throughput of competitive sliding shoe sorters, as well as the full line of FKI Logistex sliding shoe sortation systems (the UniSort VII, X, and XV) and the company's UniSort LBS (Linear Belt Sorter). The module is designed for optimal performance in systems using servo-based induction and high-speed merging like the FKI Logistex vhswEdge™, though fixed-speed induction systems and other configurations will also see considerable gains.

The UniSort MXT software module will be on display at the FKI Logistex ProMat 2007 booth (1203/1503) as part of an integrated equipment loop featuring a number of FKI Logistex products and technologies. Also featured are the company's next-generation sorters — the LS-4000CB cross-belt and the LS-4000E tilt-tray — as well as a demonstration of the company's advanced automated replenishment capabilities. ProMat 2007 takes place January 8-11 in Chicago at McCormick Place.

For sales and marketing information, please contact Emily Smith, marketing coordinator, FKI Logistex North America, by phone at (513) 881-5239 or by e-mail at [email protected].