Odyssey Launches Global Logistics Platform

April 1, 2004
Odyssey Logistics & Technology Corp., a provider of global transportation and logistics services to process manufacturers, announced a first-of-its-kind

Odyssey Logistics & Technology Corp., a provider of global transportation and logistics services to process manufacturers, announced a first-of-its-kind transportation management infrastructure that serves as the technology backbone to Odyssey's service offering, enabling cost savings through increased visibility, real-time access to data and business intelligence. Odyssey's Global Logistics Platform connects directly to its customers' Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems to give manufacturers and distributors visibility into their logistics supply chains and access to data than can be turned into actionable information.

The Odyssey Global Logistics Platform allows seamless electronic communication regarding master data, order-entry data, load plans, actual shipment data, freight invoices and settlements. Odyssey maintains electronic interfaces to its customers, vendors and service providers, integrating and automating all logistics and transportation management functions, allowing for paperless processing and management by exception.

The Global Logistics Platform utilizes planning, freight forwarding, visibility and alerting, freight audit and payment, and reporting and analytics applications:

o Planning Applications. Rules-based shipment methodology that selects the best carrier based on trade lane, product specifications, equipment, service level needs and carrier contract. Integrated optimization engine based on order splitting, consolidation, continuous moves, pooling and dynamic re-consignment rules. Global carrier contract management, integrated electronic load tendering and vessel bookings. Real-time electronic integration to client ERP system and integration with Odyssey's alerting system.

o Freight Forwarding Applications. Freight forwarding in all transportation modes and electronic integration for orders and invoices. Regulatory compliance and safety-related compliance for hazardous and non-hazardous material. Paperless documentation delivered via the Internet for open account and intra-company moves and with upload capabilities for non-system generated documentation. Electronic integration to regulatory agencies for automatic filings and integrated with Odyssey's alerting system.

o Visibility and Alerting Applications. End-to-end intermodal visibility and full multimodal consolidated view. Roles-based security and views, and integration into local and global messaging partners like GT NEXUS. Integrated milestone-based intelligent alerting system.

o Freight Audit and Payment Applications. Automatic line item pre-audit of all carrier bills. End-user definable matching criteria and tolerances based on mode and carrier. Multi-currency audit and settlement support and automated system that manages by exception. Electronic integration between Odyssey, client's ERP system and service providers.

o Reporting and Analytics Applications. End-to-end supply chain data warehouse providing ERP shipment and order data, carrier status and invoices, and inter-modal and stop-over data. Automatic report creation and delivery via email or fax and user defined delivery format. Ad hoc data queries, report generation and standard performance reporting.

For more information, visit www.odysseylogistics.com.