Barrier Glider

Oct. 7, 2004
Milwaukee Rite-Hite Doors, Inc., announces the introduction of a new cold storage door solution that bridges the gap between traditional insulated doors

Milwaukee – Rite-Hite Doors, Inc., announces the introduction of a new cold storage door solution that bridges the gap between traditional insulated doors and high-speed impactable cold storage doors to create a new class of cold storage door. The new Barrier® Glider improves upon the technology of traditional cold storage doors delivering more value at cold storage openings.

The Barrier Glider is a high-speed door available in a variety of configurations to meet the specific application needs of a facility. The standard door design includes 3-inch thick, flexible foam-core panels to provide effective insulation without the need for expensive panel defrost systems. However, these panels are impactable to help reduce maintenance costs and downtime in high-traffic cold storage environments. The Glider is also available with 4-inch thick fiberglass panels, ideal for applications requiring high insulation and security. This versatile design can be configured in both single-slide and bi-parting configurations to fit virtually any application.

"This new cold storage door solution combines the best of both worlds to deliver high value," said Glenn Manich, president and CEO of Rite-Hite Doors. "It uses the proven technology of our Iso-Tek Door System to provide impactability, and is simple enough to provide a cost-effective solution."

The Glider’s unique tubular track also provides many advantages over traditional doors. The track, combined with hourglass-shaped rollers, not only allows the panels to operate smoothly, but also enables the panels to rotate on the track if impacted. This feature, combined with a unique panel retention system that maintains a tight seal against the wall yet releases upon impact, allows the Barrier Glider to withstand impact better than conventional doors. If impacted by a forklift, the Glider’s panel retention system automatically pulls the panels back into position without the need for human intervention to maintain proper door operation and maximize productivity.

But the most impressive feature of the Barrier Glider is the unique Thermal Air™ Sealing System. Fabric tubes circulate warm air around the door perimeter to deliver up to nine inches of heated seal surface area between the wall and the panels to help minimize infiltration into the freezer. This unique design eliminates the use of heat trace wire, which is a recognized maintenance item on most cold storage doors. Combined with a thick, insulated nose seal, the Thermal Air System provides a superior seal of the opening to help reduce energy costs.

The Barrier Glider is also designed for long-term, high cycle performance. The simple drive system includes a 1/2 hp DC motor for fast operation, maximizing door closing time. If the door encounters an object while closing, the door automatically reverses direction without the need for external electronics or sensing devices on the leading edge of the panels, which are susceptible to impact damage. An optional battery back-up system is also available that allows the door to operate up to 50 cycles during a power outage to help maintain productivity.

Rite-Hite Doors, headquartered in Milwaukee, Wis., is a leading manufacturer of high-performance doors designed for increased safety and productivity and reduced operating costs. The Barrier Glider is part of a full-line of cold storage door solutions. For more information on the Barrier Glider, call “The Leading Edge in Door Safety,” Rite-Hite Doors at 1-800-456-0600, or visit our web site at