June 23, 2005
Milwaukee Rite-Hite Corporations new Survivor dock shelter by Frommelt features an innovative, impactable side-frame design specifically engineered to

Milwaukee – Rite-Hite Corporation’s new Survivor dock shelter by Frommeltâ features an innovative, impactable side-frame design specifically engineered to eliminate costly damage that often occurs when semi-trailers make contact with loading dock shelters. The result is longer life and lower cost of ownership when compared with traditional rigid-frame shelters.

Virtually indestructible Neotec high molecular weight polyethylene (HMWPE) side frames allow Survivor shelters to be struck by trailers from any angle without suffering permanent damage. The semi-rigid, yet flexible side frames return to their original shape and projection even if impacted by severely off-center trailers.

“Traditional rigid-frame shelters made of wood, fiberglass and steel are often damaged or destroyed by routine trailer contact, driving the need for repair or replacement costs,” said Frommelt Products Corporation President Paul Rowlett. “Survivor shelters, however, are designed to withstand the rigors of the most demanding loading docks for optimal environmental control day after day, year after year. The bottom line is new technology that delivers lower costs over the life of the shelter.”

Survivor shelters also feature a new and unique V-Flow fabric header designed to naturally divert water off the sides without the need for a gutter. The unit requires no additional overhead clearance to function, making it possible to fit into tight spaces. It can also be easily fitted with an optional Frommelt RainGuardä header, if desired.

The shelters allow full, unobstructed access to loads and can service a wide variety of trailers. A new “Drive-Thru Security” option is available for situations where trailer doors must be opened inside the building after being positioned at the dock.

Additional features include:

  • Collapsible, damage- and wear-resistant XLPE foam draft pads to provide an efficient seal between shelter side frames and trailer sides.
  • High visibility guide arrows to direct trailers for easier on-center positioning and more efficient loading.
  • Available high-strength Durathon™, the industry's only friction-resistant, high-wear fabric for added life.

As with all Frommelt products, Survivor shelters are backed by “Best-in-Class” service and support, including a standard 12-month money-back Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

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About Frommelt Products Corporation:

Frommelt Products Corporation, headquartered in Milwaukee, Wis., with manufacturing operations in Dubuque, Iowa, is a world leader in the manufacture of loading dock seals and shelters. Frommelt is part of the Rite-Hite® family of companies providing high quality materials handling systems for maximum safety and productivity. Principal products include trailer restraints, dock levelers, dock seals and shelters, industrial power doors, integrated control systems and aftermarket products and services.