ACSIS Achieves Intermec RFID Certification

Nov. 1, 2003
EVERETT, Wash. - Intermec Technologies Corp. today announced that Acsis Inc., an Intermec Honors Partner, has been named to the highest level of achievement

EVERETT, Wash. - Intermec Technologies Corp. today announced that Acsis Inc., an Intermec Honors Partner, has been named to the highest level of achievement within the Intermec RFID Certification Program. As an Intellitagâ Certified partner, Acsis, a charter member of the program, will work directly with Intermec to help companies develop comprehensive plans for adding RFID capabilities to their supply chain operations.

As a Certified Partner, Acsis is approved to sell Intermec RFID products, complete RFID site evaluations and specify Intermec RFID solutions.

Acsis' new RFID Readiness Program will provide consulting and integration services to organizations that plan to implement an RFID system, everything from technology evaluation, system design, troubleshooting and integration.

"Acsis is a highly valued Intermec partner with a long history of deploying automated data collection systems to customers who use Microsoft and SAP software," said Intermec Vice President Rod Crane. "Through Acsis' RFID Readiness program, both companies will help these customers add RFID capabilities to their supply chain operations."

"With recent announcements by major retailers and the U.S. Department of Defense that mandate RFID tagging of cases and pallets by 2005, now is the time for suppliers to begin deployment," said Acsis Chief Executive Steve Selfridge. "Together with Intermec, we can offer the hardware, training and support users need to implement RFID systems in ways that support and complement their current business operations."

Through participation in Acsis' RFID Readiness Program, customers will be able to address the three major operational areas affected when designing an RFID system:

-- Product Readiness: Acsis and Intermec experts will conduct a thorough analysis of the case and pallet configuration of each product; the location to tag each configuration; and the best technology to use to ensure satisfactory read rates. Final recommendations will consider the product and packaging materials that may impact the performance of the system and how best to proceed with an RFID system implementation.

-- Shipping Environment Readiness: Acsis and Intermec will examine the business processes and environmental factors that can impact the successful implementation of an RFID shipping point. An analysis of how best to mark, package, read and tag materials prior to shipment will be provided as well as an assessment of the physical environment and possible change management required to maximize the utility and value of the RFID technology.

-- ERP Readiness: This component will review the impact of RFID on the SAP infrastructure and overall functionality, providing an analysis on the effect RFID technology may impose on other SAP supply chain initiatives. Acsis and Intermec will offer best practices on the integration of RFID into the enterprise's SAP system and can conduct the full-scale implementation.

"Companies considering RFID need to understand the particulars of the technology, from requirements for compliance with recent RFID mandates to the most seamless way to implement RFID into current systems," said Intermec Director Dan Bodnar. "The RFID Readiness Program can help companies determine how to make RFID benefit their entire supply chain."

Intermec RFID technology already is at work throughout the world in wide-ranging applications, from providing inventory and pallet tracking to increasing levels of access control at U.S. border crossings. Intermec, which holds more than 115 RFID-related patents, offers a complete, integrated line of RFID products and services for virtually any supply chain application.

Its Intellitag® product line includes a wide variety of tags, labels and printers designed to meet specifications of a complete range of industries and environments, from heavy manufacturing to retail. Intermec also offers RFID interrogators, both fixed and handheld, including multifunction devices that can read and write to RFID tags as well as scan bar codes, allowing easy transition between technologies.

Intermec Technologies Corp., a UNOVA Inc. (NYSE:UNA) is a leader in global supply chain solutions and in the development, manufacture and integration of wired and wireless automated data collection, Intellitag® RFID (radio frequency identification), mobile computing systems, bar code printers and label media. For information about Intermec, visit

Founded in 1996 and headquartered in Marlton, N.J., Acsis Inc., is a worldwide leader in delivering supply chain solutions for companies deploying SAP's Enterprise Resource Planning software solution. Acsis can be found on the Web at