ProMat Products

Jan. 1, 2003
ALUMINUM HANDRAIL The Ideal Shield Handrail System meets OSHA, BOCA, SBC and UBC standards. Material makeup includes 40 steel pipe sleeved in HDPE thermoplastic


The Ideal Shield Handrail System meets OSHA, BOCA, SBC and UBC standards. Material makeup includes 40 steel pipe sleeved in HDPE thermoplastic tube, aluminum, stainless steel and welded steel. It withstands concentrated loads of 200 lb. Available in sections or continuous units, it never needs painting. Ideal Shield, 313-842-7290.


The AX Series of lift tables is powered by air bags that can handle loads from 1,000 to 8,000 lb. The air bag delivers the same speed and control of other power sources, yet requires little maintenance. The air bag has an 80 psi air requirement at 15 cfm and can raise the table from 8 in. to 32 in. Presto Lifts Inc.,, 800-343-9322. Booth 415


The Safety-View is a transparent locker that lets users easily view contents. You can see what’s stored inside and determine if it’s hazardous. These lockers also deter theft. Hallowell, Div. of List Industries Inc.,, 901-375-0022. Booth 103


Ergo-Carts are wheeled parts carriers that roll, tilt, spin and convey, presenting containers safely and comfortably for an operator. New tilt capability offers an automatic stop, which lets operators stop the container at any angle. Carts with conveyor platforms transfer containers, helping to eliminate lift trucks at workstations. Topper Industrial,, 800-529-0909. Booth 2807


EASYpick GoKarts are hand-driven or motorized carts for batch picking of low-velocity SKUs. These 24-volt output units include a wireless local area network and short-range RF scanners for controller-host communications. They also have an RF bar code scanner, universal pick-to-light channel lightbars and handheld RF scanners. Pickers begin each cycle by scanning totes on the cart using the handheld RF scanner. The system returns with a pick destination. Upon arrival, the picker verifies the location and picks the items indicated by the pick-to-light display. When all items are picked, the system displays the next destination. FKI Logistex Real Time Solutions;, 510-985-6300. Booth 1407


Arlink Series 8000 Work-stations are ergonomic, modular units with flexibility to accommodate changing and future needs. Each workstation can be set to different heights and lengths. They are available in six standard widths and five heights to 84 in. Lista International Corp.;, 800-722-3020. Booth 1520


Alternating-tread stairs reduce risk of injury, improve productivity and conserve floor space. The treads let employees walk face forward while carrying objects. Available in aluminum, stainless steel and carbon steel, these stairs are used to access mezzanines, loading docks, machinery and rooftops. A Safety Gate can be attached to the stair for more security at the upper level or entrance. Lapeyre Stair Inc.;, 800-535-7631. Booth 442


SmartCrate handheld, collapsible plastic containers feature 2-step assembly, high cube use and high return ratio. They are GMA pallet compatible and cross-stackable. IPL Inc.;, 800-818-1318. Booth 3012


Universal Pallet with Flame Edge technology improves fire safety in operations. It has edge-racking capacity to 2,800 lb, impact resistance and flame-retardant material to meet fire code requirements. Buckhorn Inc.;, 800543-4454


The MegaLift VLM is an enclosed system of vertically arranged trays. The MegaStation Vertical Carousel consists of vertically rotating shelves that move along a tracking guide, delivering stored items to operators. MegaStar Systems,, 800-639-5805. Booth 2507


Software suite consists of five packages, each containing a different level of inventory management software. Users can go from simple parts location to batch picking and consolidating multiple work zones. FastPic Systems,, 800-897-8379. Booth 3107


Push-Bak system permits storage lanes up to nine pallet loads deep. Specialized lift trucks are not needed. Easy operation is made possible by a combination of low profile, reduced slope design and oversize, heavy-duty cart wheels. Ridg-U-Rak Inc.;


Wire decking can replace wood or particle board shelving, is easy to maintain and install, and offers high inventory visibility. The shelves are available in powder-coated finishes or hot-dip galvanizing. ITC Manufacturing and Powder Coating;, 800-567-6592.


The ShopAir chain hoist can be used as a work- station or a production line hoist. Flow is variable. It comes with a two-lever pendant for precise load spotting. Maximum lift speed for 600 lb is 16 fpm; for 300 lb, speed is 31 fpm. Columbus McKinnon; 716-689-5533. Booth 2209


The Aquamaster MC-1400E is an automatic wash system that cleans vacuum formed trays, totes and reusable material handling containers. It removes oils, coolant, chips, dirt and food stuffs. Low elevation roller conveyor eases loading and unloading of containers that are up 50-in. tall. Alliance Mfg. Inc.;, 800-969-7960.


The Lexmark X620e handles all kinds of printing applications, from pick lists, packing slips, box labels to bills of lading. It can replace dot matrix by storing forms electronically. It can combine forms and labels into one job. And it downloads forms from the Web. Lexmark;


Model 9MP mini-stock picker is for vertical access in distribution centers and to reach overhead stock or to perform maintenance tasks. It features a 15-ft working height, 500-lb total platform capacity and easy maneuverability using four 6-in. swivel casters at the base corners. One of the casters is fitted with a directional lock. JLG Industries Inc.;, 240-420-2661.


Laser-guided Unit Load Vehicle comes with a conveyor. It’s designed for stretchwrapping and palletizing applications, and for picking and replenishment applications. It handles variable height delivery, allowing for load transfers at a 9-in. elevation. AGV Products Inc.;, 704-845-1110.


The Lite Material Lift has a 500-lb capacity. Its compact size does not need extensive bracing. The lift can be moved into place, used and then returned to storage easily. Construction is based on durable steel. The lift has a 4-ft by 4-ft platform, a 120-V single-phase motor and works on a chain drive system. Joyce/Dayton Corp.;, 800-523-5204.