Forte Launches New Web Site

Feb. 1, 2004
CINCINNATIForte has launched a new, redesigned Web site at . The site serves as a portal for supply chain executives seeking

CINCINNATI—Forte has launched a new, redesigned Web site at . The site serves as a portal for supply chain executives seeking distribution improvement resources and furthers Forte as a principal thought leader in the industry.

Embracing Distribution OnDemand (DOD) as an emerging industry dynamic, the site interactively illustrates Forte's distinctive ContinuIM™ distribution operations improvement methodology. ContinuIMis a practical means to achieve and maintain optimal levels of Distribution OnDemand—responding, closest to real time, to changes in demand while shipping 100 percent customer compliant orders at the least cost.

The site aligns distribution center operations with corporate supply chain strategies. It positions distribution operations as an integral and strategic segment in today's consumer demand-driven supply chain. New additions and areas are forthcoming as the site evolves.

Among the numerous enhancements, the site's Knowledge OnDemand center is a rich informational resource, combining educational articles and knowledgeable guidance with optimization techniques for distribution. Knowledge OnDemand provides extensive white papers, case studies and other resources on process improvement, covering diverse topics such as RFID, compliancy issues and supply chain consolidation.

The Distribution OnDemand (DOD) Blogutilizes innovative weblog/RSS technology. The blogprovides commentary on the latest developments in the Distribution OnDemand arena and other related industry dialog.

"The Web site provides enhanced capabilities while giving us the ability to continually expand and grow Forte's presence in the industry," said Will Taylor, Forte's graphic designer and webmaster. "We see the Internet as a vital outreach tool, allowing us to educate and interact with industry players. The site continues to evolve as a premiere industry portal."

Forte plans for future enhancements to the site, including Expert OnDemand, an instant messaging/chat application giving users instant access to a Forte distribution operations improvement expert. An extranet is also forthcoming, which will provide even more information tailored specifically to individual user preferences.

"Forte embraces its role as a thought leader within the distribution segment of the supply chain," said Taylor. "We're excited about introducing new Web-based technologies that help us maintain dialog and share knowledge with others as they look to continuously improve their operations."

An in-house team developed the 60-page site. Clean design and full search capabilities within the site enhance usability and provide visitors with an engaging, informative experience.

Forte ( is a world-class Distribution Operations Improvement (DOI) firm.