TSI Terminal Systems Implements Wireless Technology at Ports

Sept. 13, 2010
TSI Terminal Systems Inc. is now using wireless software from NetMotion Wireless and Workabout Pro mobile devices from Psion Teklogix to manage thousands of shipping containers, multiple shipside gantry cranes and dozens of trucks at their facility in Vancouver, B.C.

TSI is also using these devices at its container terminals in New York and New Jersey to keep up with the constant motion of billions of dollars worth of goods. Workers stationed at the gates use the devices to inspect containers on and off vessels as “bomb carts” shuffle containers about the 162-acre yard in Vancouver, and movable gantries load and offload trucks and rail cars for damage.

The wireless network is designed to help these devices bridge coverage gaps as they transition between networks throughout a worker's day.

"The devices provide precise and reliable tracking to help make the inspection process of containers and other checks faster and simpler," said Kurt Jesson, senior terminal support specialist responsible for data communications infrastructure with TSI. "With real-time data, our team is able to meet tight shipping schedules and run at peak efficiency. The wireless network made a huge difference keeping workers connected and reduced our support calls."