Axeda Teams with jaalaM Technologies to Automate Remote Service of Networks

June 1, 2003
MANSFIELD, Mass., and SEATTLE, June 16 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Axeda Systems Inc. (Nasdaq: XEDA), the world's leading provider of device relationship

MANSFIELD, Mass., and SEATTLE, June 16 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Axeda Systems Inc. (Nasdaq: XEDA), the world's leading provider of device relationship management (DRM) enterprise software and services, and jaalaM Technologies, a leader in network intelligence software, announced today that they will collaborate to enable the proactive, remote diagnosis and repair of complex problems with computer networks and networking equipment.

The companies plan to integrate jaalaM's appareNet(TM) Network Intelligence System with the Axeda Device Relationship Management System(TM) and jointly market the combined solution to networking equipment manufacturers and users. When used together, the two products will enable support technicians to rapidly pinpoint the cause of network performance slowdowns, then remotely diagnose and repair identified software, configuration, or equipment problems. jaalaM will join Axeda and the Gartner Group in a presentation of the technology and business opportunities for network remote diagnostics in an online seminar at 11:00AM EDT on June 17, 2003.

"When users experience slowdowns or failures with computer networks, it is often extremely difficult to identify the source of the problem due to complex interactions between multiple types of network equipment and software. The users' first reaction is often to call all of the equipment providers and demand immediate service. Without a clear understanding of where the true problem lies, support organizations often resort to 'blamestorming' -- attributing the failure to other devices on the network," said Robert M. Russell Jr., chairman and CEO, Axeda Systems. "Axeda DRM(TM) enables continuous monitoring of network equipment and proactive notification, diagnosis and repair of problems. With appareNet, remote service technicians are able to more rapidly isolate the precise source of the problem so that the exact network device can be targeted for service, reducing downtime and lowering overall cost of ownership for network users."

"If a network is perceived to be slow, it is incumbent on the network technicians and engineers to start the process of problem solving. In most networks, technicians cannot see what is happening with each network segment without physically going on-site and testing each and every one," said Glenn Wong, president and CEO, jaalaM Technologies. "By integrating our two solutions, remote service technicians will be able to access customer networks, without the need for expensive VPNs (virtual private networks), and determine which of the major components are at fault -- desktops, servers, filers, applications, or the network itself --and then interactively diagnose and repair problems."

Axeda and jaalaM plan to collaborate on a range of joint marketing, sales, and educational programs designed to accelerate the adoption of their integrated solutions. jaalaM's appareNet Network Intelligence System operates non-intrusively on live networks, to and from any location worldwide. Without requiring specialized hardware or remote agents, appareNet rapidly identifies the locations and causes of network faults and bottlenecks so that companies can boost the performance of, and get more uptime and value from, the enterprise network infrastructure they already have. The Axeda DRM system lets support teams monitor, manage, and service equipment deployed at remote sites. The system allows the secure transmission of equipment data to service representatives via the Internet, alerting them if a device is operating outside preset performance standards. Unlike VPN or telephone-based systems, Axeda DRM leverages patent-pending Firewall-Friendly(TM) communications technology and established network security to allow remote access to equipment operating behind user firewalls without compromising security. Axeda DRM helps minimize support calls and time on the phone, automates the transfer of files to and from devices, and enables auditable service level agreements (SLAs), and self- healing systems. Axeda DRM also enables new, high-value managed-service offerings such as remote software management and system administration. Ultimately, Axeda DRM increases equipment uptime to further enhance user productivity and satisfaction.

Axeda will host an online seminar on June 17, 2003 at 11:00AM EDT to discuss how leading networking and telecom companies are leveraging remote service technologies to stay ahead of their competition. Axeda's Steven Spector will be joined by Tony Adams, Principal Analyst from Gartner Group's IT Services practice, and Kelly Daniels, Chief Technology Officer at jaalaM.

Please visit to register for the event, or contact Axeda at [email protected] or call +1-508-337-9200 for more information.