Silvano Chiapparoli Expands Italian Logistics Center

March 1, 2006
Eurinpro (Luxembourg), a supplier of tailor-made logistics warehousing solutions, announced that it will expand an existing logistics center in Anagni,

Eurinpro (Luxembourg), a supplier of tailor-made logistics warehousing solutions, announced that it will expand an existing logistics center in Anagni, Italy for Silvano Chiapparoli Logistica SpA, a provider of pharmaceutical and cosmetic distribution, and will develop a facility at the same location for UniEuro SpA, a consumer electronics chain.

The projects encompass four warehouses—two for Chiapparoli and two for UniEuro—covering 538,000 sq. ft. in Anagni, in the south-central region of Frosinone, 40 miles from Rome. UniEuro and Chapparoli will occupy their facilities in May and July, respectively.

The projects will be developed on a 1.1 million sq. ft. parcel purchased by Eurinpro. Besides being in close proximity to Rome, the parcel sits only three miles from the main road artery linking Milan and Naples, offering the companies and their customers quick and convenient access to Italy’s central and southern commerce centers.

For its new pharmaceuticals logistics center, Chiapparoli needed to develop a tailor-made warehouse facility near its existing site at Monterotondo, in the Italian region of Lazio. It was also vital for the warehouse to comply with specific technical requirements for the storage of pharmaceutical products. The warehouse will be temperature-controlled (max. 25°C/77 F) and constructed with specialized, high-quality insulation to maintain proper temperature control. The structure will also have about 10,800 sq. ft. of offices. The project is scheduled for completion in July 2006.

"We have decided to double the surface area of the Anagni warehouse because Eurinpro has shown it can provide excellent solutions," said Silvano Chiapparoli, President of Silvano Chiapparoli Logistics SpA. "Not only did the project fully meet the specific technical requirements of our pharmaceutical clients, but it has also demonstrated it is the best solution in terms of geographical position, flexibility and high quality/competitive conditions ratio. Eurinpro was the only operator able to offer us a total solution that provided a comprehensive response to our needs.”

Following the reconfiguration of its logistics activities in Italy, UniEuro needed to concentrate existing distribution activities in the country’s south-central region, which will serve as a strategic base for its future expansion. The project combines 263,620 sq. ft. of warehouse space with 10,800 sq. ft. of office space. The super-flat floor will have a capacity of 50 kN/m² (8 psi) with an internal free height of 40 feet to maximize storage.

Luigi La Vista, Supply Chain Project Manager, UniEuro SpA, said, “The Center and the South of Italy had not previously been taken into account by the big logistics service providers, but are now becoming increasingly interesting following a strong rise in consumption. We contacted Eurinpro with the specific request of a warehouse near the ring road around Rome, guaranteeing easy access to the city of Rome and to the Center and South of Italy. With the Anagni logistics solution, Eurinpro was able to propose the exact strategic location we were looking for.”

Source: Eurinpro.