Mhlnews 1372 Cognex Dataman 100 200 Ql 200

Cognex Barcode Readers

June 22, 2010
Cognex Corp. introduces two 1D barcode readers to the DataMan line of industrial ID readers.

The DataMan 100 QL and DataMan 200 QL fixed mount readers offer 1D barcode reading and can be upgraded to add 2D Data Matrix and QR code reading capability if application needs change.

Cognex says the DataMan QL series reads codes that are low contrast, damaged or distorted by severe perspective. A software upgrade enables users to read 2D Data Matrix codes. The DataMan QL series features Cognex 1DMax, a new 1D code reading algorithm. In addition to reading blurred or damaged codes, 1DMax can handle quiet zone violations that can occur when codes are printed close to the edge of a label. The setup tool also includes an image archiving feature, which enables users to store images of read failures and download them to a PC to diagnose the cause of a problem.

Cognex also releases DataMan 3.5 software, which adds 1DMax for 1D barcode reading, an industrial USB driver and Ethernet/IP with support for DataMan 200 models.