Mhlnews 1374 Autosenz D Series Pushbutton Diagnostics 200

VRCs Detect Jams, Reduce Damage

Sept. 2, 2010
Wildeck’s AutoSenz M-Series modular safety sensor is now an integral part of the company’s vertical reciprocating conveyor control system. It provides standard auto-ranging overload/VRC jam protection that will minimize damage to material and equipment should items become jammed during the lifting operation. Existing mechanical and hydraulic VRCs can also be upgraded with an AutoSenz M-Series Retrofit Module, adding a new level of safety and security on installed units.

Wildeck has also enhanced its original AutoSenz design for mechanical VRCs to incorporate a service and maintenance reminder. As part of the AutoSenz D-Series, the new feature can be programmed to appear on the display at specific service time intervals. This package provides a PLC with digital user interface, easy-to-use pushbutton controls, and system diagnostics capabilities.

AutoSenz VRC safety systems automatically sense motor load current and determine the critical overload setpoint each time the VRC motor starts. If material shifts and accidentally projects off the side of a VRC carriage and enters the running/clearance zone, overload detection systems stop the VRC in its tracks and alert the operator so corrective action can be taken.

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