Dec. 19, 2007
PHILADELPHIA, Pa. AXIOM-X, the most innovative and reliable bar code scanner, from Accu-Sort Systems is now available in a version that can read challenging

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. — AXIOM-X™, the most innovative and reliable bar code scanner, from Accu-Sort Systems is now available in a version that can read challenging high-density bar codes without the need for complex, time-consuming focusing steps. The decode software has also been improved to reduce the number of no reads, even in the most demanding applications.

The improved reading capacity and enhanced software allow AXIOM-X to be used in a broader range of applications and provide the highest read rates for all possible bar code densities. The improvements make AXIOM-X the most advanced omni directional laser bar code scanner available today while still providing the lowest total cost of ownership with a maintenance-free design.

AXIOM-X is a versatile, multiple laser, omni directional bar code reader providing the largest depth of field and transport coverage available in a single scanner. Its scan rate of 1120 scans/second ensures the highest possible read rates on both good and poor quality codes. Most applications require only a single scan head, saving the cost and complexity associated with a multiple scan head solution.

”The addition of the new high-density version extends the AXIOM-X product line so that we can read all possible bar codes available,” said Mike Bosha, product manager for Accu-Sort. “Now, AXIOM-X scanners can be used in any conceivable omni directional bar code reading application.”

All AXIOM-X bar code scanners provide flexible connectivity. They come standard with serial, Ethernet TCP/IP, UDP and EtherNet/IP™ connectivity, eliminating the need for costly converters. Scanners are easily networked together using a standard client/controller configuration. This eliminates the need for an additional multiplexer or other peripherals, significantly cutting the time required to set-up and install tunnel configurations.

AXIOM X high-density bar code scanners can be used in a variety of industries, including parcel distribution, retail/wholesale distribution, airline baggage handling and tire manufacturing. AXIOM-X easily handles applications such as multisided arrays, high-speed parcel sortation, high-speed material handling and manufacturing.

Installation is simplified through the use of a modular scan head and wiring base. This along with the parameter storage module allows for fast, simple installation and replacement. “Just replace the scan head on the wiring base, push a button on the AXIOM-X and the parameters are automatically downloaded,” Bosha said. “You are ready to read in the matter of minutes with a minimum of downtime.”

AXIOM-X bar code scanners are bundled with AXCESS™ software, which provides a simple way to configure and monitor AXIOM-X readers from anywhere in the facility. The AXIOM product continues to prove itself in the field by delivering the highest performance and reliability of any laser bar code scanner available. “With thousands of units already installed, the new AXIOM-X high density version is another quality Accu-Sort product ready for any application,” said Bosha.

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