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Sealed Air Protective Packaging Systems

Oct. 21, 2009
Sealed Air unveiled five new protective packaging systems at the recent 2009 Pack Expo trade show in Las Vegas.

The Instapak Complete system produces continuous foam tubes (CFTs) in a variety of sizes, creating tubes with diameters as small as 1 inch, allowing for reduced-cube package design. The system offers a number of combinations and sizes as well as programmable perforation between tubes.

The NewAir I.B. Express system is an inflatable cushioning system that creates Sealed Air’s Barrier Bubble used for cushioning and blocking and bracing. Operators can create cushions with widths of 12 and 24 inches at their workstations because the system is compact and fast, Sealed Air says.

Also on display was the new FasFil paper void-fill system, Sealed Air’s first paper-based void-fill process. The automated FasFil paper packaging system delivers pad-shaped paper for void fill on-line and on-demand. Operators can select the weight, width and length of paper needed for each job.

Sealed Air also introduced its PackTiger hybrid paper packaging system, which features a table-top design. It uses sheets of single-ply paper to produce custom lengths of pad-like paper cushioning or void fill.

In addition, the company’s new Instapak iMold automated foam packaging system (pictured) creates engineered, pre-molded Instapak foam cushions for immediate use or to store in bins for batching. Foam dispersion technology offers cushion consistency and integrity by dispensing Instapak foam where it’s needed and eliminating material waste. To create cushions, operators simply select a mold and the desired number.

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