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Demag Chain Hoist

Jan. 14, 2010
The DC-Pro chain hoist from Demag Cranes and Components has a service life of 1,900 hours, which, the company says, is a 20% improvement over conventional 2m FEM-classified chain hoists.

Safety features include brakes that do not require adjustment and clutches that provide protection against overload and slippage. The brake-coupling system ensures the load is held securely in position. The slip-clutch monitor automatically shuts the hoist down if slip-clutch torque is exceeded, preventing the component from wearing out from operator error.

The DC-Pro chain hoist is available in capacities of 275 to 11,000 pounds and two control configurations: standard with a pendant control or as the DCM-Pro with the company’s Manulift control pendant that allows an operator to handle loads with one hand.

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