RedPrairie Debuts Platform for Adaptive Supply Chains

June 1, 2004
RedPrairie Corp. debuted a new optimized and integrated platform for adaptive supply chains at RedShift 2004, its annual User Conference and Logistics
RedPrairie Corp. debuted a new optimized and integrated platform for adaptive supply chains at RedShift 2004, its annual User Conference and Logistics Industry Summit in Orlando. The platform is the next logical evolution of its global supply chain technology suite designed to enable customers to drive competitive advantage through adaptive supply chains that respond intelligently across global networked trading partner communities.

Explains Mike Dempsey, company strategy leader, “The supply chain industry started automation with point solutions such as WMS, TMS and YMS. More recently these point solutions were integrated to cover end-to-end, supplier-to-consumer networks. Now we have added a series of components for process management, tactical optimization and workflow management to create a comprehensive suite of integrated applications that form a platform from which customers can leverage adaptive supply chain processes across networked communities to be more nimble in responding to changing customer needs. This creates competitive advantage over supply chains that can’t react as quickly.”

The key components of the supply chain platform that set it apart from other supply chain execution suites are its tactical optimization and workflow management applications, and the technology that enables quick and easy integration of the platform with all internal, third-party and trading partner systems. This integrated approach allows companies to leverage existing technology while adding optimization, process management and workflow components to maximize effectiveness of enterprise operations and extended trading partner networks.

The optimized, integrated and adaptive suite also forms the platform for evolution to new collaborative technology solutions such as RFID and other sensory networks, and global data synchronization technologies. This will enable visibility, communication and intelligent response across trading partner networks, increase supply chain velocity and improve data accuracy. It will also help companies to better respond to new regulatory and market compliance demands.

DigitaLogistix supply chain platform covers four operations imperatives: supply chain execution, supply chain optimization, supply chain process management and data integration and workflow management. The execution and optimization layers are comprised of application suites for distribution management, transportation management and international trade logistics, labor productivity management, and asset tracking and security. The process management and workflow applications that elevate execution and optimization operations to enterprise and network collaboration levels include visibility, event management and intelligent response, performance measurement, enterprise billing and reporting, trading partner integration and workflow management.

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