SynchroDot Pro

Aug. 14, 2007
NEW BERLIN (WI) Glue Dots International, the manufacturer of innovative Glue Dots adhesives, introduces the SynchroDot Pro, a programmable, automated

NEW BERLIN (WI) – Glue Dots International, the manufacturer of innovative Glue Dots® adhesives, introduces the SynchroDot™ Pro, a programmable, automated inline adhesive applicator designed for automated production lines.

The SynchroDot™ Pro offers a safer, cleaner and more cost-effective solution than most hot-melt adhesive systems. It applies one or more instant-bonding Glue Dots adhesives, with impressive accuracy, up to a rate of 120 dots per minute, without the mess of excess glue.

“The SynchroDot Pro continues the tradition of previous Glue Dots innovations: the Auto Dot™ Pro and the Dot Shot® Pro,” said John Downs, president of Glue Dots International. “Combining precision, low maintenance and safety, it’s a smart solution that helps customers improve productivity.”

One of the significant benefits of the SynchroDot Pro is safety. Because it doesn’t use hot melt adhesives, it eliminates burn injuries. The Glue Dots it applies are non-toxic and odorless, which results in cleaner air and a more pleasant work environment.
Integrating into nearly any existing production line, the SynchroDot Pro works by sensing products as they approach on a conveyor. It then automatically applies Glue Dots or Glue Lines® adhesives.

It can apply a single dot or several, and can apply two “sets” of dots to a single product.
The SynchroDot Pro’s intuitive touch-screen controls make it easy to program. The user simply inputs the number of dots and sets the timer to determine dot placement, and the SynchroDot Pro is ready.

The SynchroDot Pro requires virtually no maintenance, with no hoses or nozzles that need to be cleaned. It holds a roll of 10,000 Glue Dots and it is easy to reload and restart, minimizing downtime. With low operating costs and priced less than most hot-melt systems, the SynchroDot Pro is a cost-effective, smart choice for a variety of industries and applications.

For more information about the SynchroDot Pro or to find your nearest distributor, call (888) 688-7131 or visit Address your SynchroDot Pro technical questions to Glue Dots’ Application Equipment Engineer Reid Moertl.

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