Cutting Edge

March 1, 2003
Overhead handling for packaging.


The Tygard Claw sorts, stacks and moves various types of packaging from one pallet to another. This four-way, pressure-sensitive, lifting and pallet-splitting device gently and securely grips single or multiple layers of packaging from four sides, safely moving the items. Tygard Machine & Mfg. Co.;, 877-746-4501.


In many distribution centers, a flow system allows multiple pallets to be stored deep in rack bays. When a pallet gets hung up or stalled, the bays are decked over and employees walk onto them to free the pallets. The problem with such an arrangement is that often there are few safety devices to protect employees from accidentally falling. One solution to this problem is the Pallet Flow Pick Module Swing Gate. It helps protect employees from falls in high-bay rack picking modules integrated with flow racks. The gates open automatically when a pallet is pushed into position on the flow rails, then close automatically when the pallet is in position. The gates fit into all manufacturers’ racks and new construction designs. Mezzanine Safeti-Gates., 978-768-7593. Write 217


A system of two-axis, quick-adjustable side rails for low-profile conveyors allows pre-setting of two positions for rapid changeover. For this manufacturer’s line of conveyors, the tool-free system includes lane dividers and overhead hold-down units. The side-rail design uses a UHMW-guided cross block to control height and horizontal position of a 1/2-in.-diameter steel bar. The guided and clamped cross block mount eliminates misalignment and binding caused when a cross-block is mounted on a vertical round shaft. A lever and knob lock the position of the cross block and rail. This design holds vertical position while adjustments are made without the need to re-clamp until all adjustments are complete. Conveyor Technologies Ltd;, 513-248-0663.