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Future Electronics Adds DC in Leipzig

June 1, 2008
The Canadian trading company, Future Electronics, is the third-largest distributor of electronic components worldwide. It has more than 6,000 staff members employed in 220 subsidiaries spread over 34 countries.

In its distribution center in Leipzig, Germany, Future Electronics recently installed the order planning system from Witron Logistik + Informatik GmbH.

The distribution center, a 15,000-square meter greenfield project, will supply manufacturers of the electronics industry all over Europe as well as the Middle East with semiconductors, passive contact components, LCD displays, wireless transmission media, RFID solution modules and a multitude of other electronic components.

The standardized and modular-
structured Witron tote picking system (Order Picking System) was chosen for the distribution center in Leipzig. The articles will be provided and picked, orderand sequence-related, at 20 workstations by using the goods-to-man principle and then packed into shipping cartons.

As a general contractor, Witron is responsible for the design and implementation of all logistical components, IT, control system, conveyor system and tote and pallet steel construction. The automated small-parts warehouse, which includes 10 automated storage and retrieval (AS/RS) aisles with 255,000 tote and 4,400 pallet locations, will be able to store 66,000 different articles.

The design of a double-deep rack structure enables efficient and space-saving storage, despite a multitude of very small-volume articles. The daily output of the distribution center will be 4,200 packages, accounting for a total of 18,000 picks per day.

In addition to its distribution center in Memphis, Tenn., Future Electronics has added another huge DC in Leipzig, Germany.