Cutting Edge Products

Sept. 1, 2004
RFID LABEL APPLICATORTHE CTM 360 RW label applicator can validate, write and affix RFID labels atspeeds to 80 labels per minute. Its head is customized


THE CTM 360 RW label applicator can validate, write and affix RFID labels at speeds to 80 labels per minute. Its head is customized to fit the application, transponder type and frequency. The read/write head inspects each transponder at the point of label application. Labels with defective transponders are discarded. There is no need for advance programming or maintaining a large stock of transponder-embedded material. The 360 RW uses RFID pressuresensitive labels in roll form from any
vendor. MPI Label Systems Inc.


The AX20, BX20 and CX20 series of internal combustion engine lift trucks features environmentally friendly engine technology. The lift trucks were redesigned to incorporate the latest technological advances for increased efficiency and
performance, while reducing exhaust emissions below the current emission standards established by the EPA. The engines use an electronic concentrated control system to analyze engine performance parameters and an electronic control module to
optimize operation for high productivity and fuel efficiency. Komatsu Forklift U.S.A. Inc.


Skid-Mate is an air-filled doughnut that attaches to any platform or pallet, or directly to product bases, with a single bolt and provides protection from shock and vibration damage. The cushions are available in five color-coded load-range choices from 20 to 225 lb. A minimum of four cushion pads per unit load are required. The ride-on-air cushions are made of polyethylene. They are suitable for applications at -40 to 130F. Each doughnut is 5-3/4-in. diameter by 2-7/8-in. high. Hardigg Industries Inc.


SmartChain Site Manager provides integrated, node-level management for data collection and system configuration. Features and benefits include modular software adapters for plug-and-play integration, centralized management of rules and requirements, rules-based processing and reporting for targeted functions, and an upgraded data collection controller and filter. The software supports UDAP open data format and protocol. Savi Technology Inc.