Aug. 6, 2008
SPRINGFIELD, OH - The Stagemaker hoist by R&M Materials Handling, Inc. is an ergonomic solution designed to lift staging, theatrical, and lighting equipment.

SPRINGFIELD, OH - The Stagemaker® hoist by R&M Materials Handling, Inc. is an ergonomic solution designed to lift staging, theatrical, and lighting equipment. Stagemaker® hoists ensure accurate positioning of speakers, lighting systems, stage sets, curtains, and sceneries. With a lifting capacity range of 1/16 to 5 ton and varied power ranges, speeds, chain sizes, and configurations, the Stagemaker® is equipped to meet the needs of any performance.

The Stagemaker® is quiet, compact and designed for rigging events, performance venues, road shows, theatres, television and film studios, casino showrooms, boardrooms, convention facilities, and houses of worship. Its premium-grade, AGMA rated precision gearing contributes to the exceptionally low noise level, lower than 75 dB. A light-weight design, constructed of injectioncast aluminum, makes the Stagemaker® ideal for touring events. The compact design enables the Stagemaker® to fit on stage, in truss fixtures, and on the truck.

The Stagemaker® is designed for easy maintenance. The aluminum housing includes a single,removable panel that provides easy access to all internal components during maintenance operations.

Safe operation is crucial to the Stagemaker®. The safety of this hoist is enhanced with a combined hoist brake and load limiter. The electromagnetic disc brake-clutch combination is designed for efficiency, safety, easy access and adjustment. The friction-type torque limiter is integrated with the brake (SM1, SM05, SM10) to ensure that the load is always stopped when the control button is released.

In order to ensure smooth operation, a heat-treated load wheel with five pockets (six on SM16) is machined in a single step. This minimizes chain stress while ensuring smooth operation. A standard internal chain guide and an external chain guide helps guide and hold the load chain in the pockets of the load wheel for safe operation and to prevent the chain from jamming.

The CHAINFLUX chain guide is a unique feature of the Stagemaker® SM5 and SM10 models- equipped for the inverted position. Its special shape provides a fluid horizontal flow of the chain as it comes off the load wheel and into the chain bag. Made of high strength industrial polyamide, the chain guide provides a remarkably low friction coefficient, facilitating passage of the chain on ejection. This prevents chain jamming at the upper part of the hoist as the chain comes out and avoids the possibility of jamming due to the twisting of the chain. Reduced contact area between the hoist body and chain reduces wear.

The Stagemaker® is available with the following standard features: Class F insulated hoisting motor, electromagnetic DC disc brake, and varied power supply from 208 V to 230 V and 3Ph, 60 Hz. The hoist body has a 70-100 micron thick black epoxy paint finish, allowing the hoist to blend into its surroundings and be unobtrusive to the view of the performance. Black load chain is standard on SM1, SM5, SM10 models.

The Stagemaker® configurations are available for a variety of rigging applications. Configurations include: direct control, single-phase, three-phase, programmable control, external control, variable speed, and BCV-C1 approved. Depending on the selected configuration and application, the Stagemaker® can also be mounted in the inverted position, ideal for temporary or short-term setups.