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LANpoint Mobile

Sept. 14, 2006
TUCSON, AZ - Intelligent Instrumentation, a leading manufacturer of rugged networked and wireless data collection terminals designed to improve the performance
TUCSON, AZ - Intelligent Instrumentation, a leading manufacturer of rugged networked and wireless data collection terminals designed to improve the performance of supply-chain execution applications, announces the newest addition to their LANpoint family of Windows CE/XPe Intel X-Scale-based rugged data collection terminals with the portable pistol grip terminal - LANpoint Mobile. This vertical quarter-screen portable terminal is a rugged and flexible system that offers portable data capture solutions in demanding manufacturing, field services, and warehousing applications. With its embedded Windows CE v4.2 or v5.0 operating system, customers will have built-in access to Microsoft's .NET Compact framework, with all of its associated tools and management features, which will greatly simplify software application development. The new pistol grip LANpoint MOBILE supports 1D, Extended range 1D, 2D laser scanners as well as an omni-directional Imaging option capable of reading 1D linear and 2D barcodes, OCR fonts and postal codes, along with the ability to capture images. "With the Pistol Grip LANpoint Mobile handheld terminal addition to our product offering, Value Added Resellers, System Integrators and end users can now cover a broad range of applications with just one vehicle and shop floor terminal and portable handheld data collection vendor. Customers can select one of our vehicle mount computers for pallet picks and put-aways, use our rugged stationary terminals for shop floor control or production tracking, and then equip their distribution center personnel with our new LANpoint Mobile handheld data collection terminals for 'pick and run'
applications," says Paul Liska, Data Collection Product Manager for Intelligent Instrumentation. "Support and training costs are also minimized, because developers have to support only one operating system, and the warehouse workers only have to learn one application 'look and feel' on our devices." Intelligent Instrumentation's expanded Windows CE/XPe and Intel XScale-based LANpoint data collection terminals demonstrate the company's ongoing commitment to producing leading edge technology for real-time data sharing throughout the enterprise. This new line of rugged data collection terminals feature Microsoft's latest CE/XPe operating systems, provide wireless communications via 802.11b/g WLAN or CDMA/GSM WWAN, and are designed to support a broad range of AutoID technologies, including RFID, barcode, mag stripe and biometrics. By standardizing the LANpoint data collection vehicle, shop floor and portable handheld terminals on Microsoft's proven embedded CE/XPe architecture, our products will fully support the newest development tools available for rapid application deployment and device management. This state-of-the-art product line can provide a lower cost of ownership and greater return on investment, and aligns the customer's business with future emerging technologies and applications. Please take the opportunity to explore all the leading-edge data collection solutions provided by Intelligent Instrumentation at The new Pistol Grip LANpoint Mobile devices, application specific add-on accessories, desk and DIN-Rail mountable cradles are available for shipment now. Distribution and support of the LANpoint Mobile handheld terminal will include the USA, Europe and selected ROW countries. Intelligent Instrumentation's FactoryView is a family of products interfacing the machines, processes, and operations of an enterprise to data management systems. The company manufactures a complete line of industrial, LAN-ready data collection terminals, automated time and attendance solutions, and RS-232/RS-422 microterminals for data collection and operator interface/control panel applications. Intelligent Instrumentation also manufactures data acquisition, test, measurement and control systems for desktop and portable PCs, including distributed I/O systems for Ethernet and Internet networks. The company has a worldwide network of sales and service offices.