EFG 425-430

March 3, 2008
RICHMOND, VA Jungheinrich, a green manufacturer and supplier of eco-friendly AC-powered electric lift trucks, offers the EFG 425-430 four-wheel counterbalanced

RICHMOND, VA – Jungheinrich, a green manufacturer and supplier of eco-friendly AC-powered electric lift trucks, offers the EFG 425-430 four-wheel counterbalanced lift truck: a “green” alternative to internal combustion (IC) trucks. With a whisper-quiet, emission-free operation, these AC electric forklift trucks can be used for the storage and retrieval of loads almost anywhere – indoors or outdoors – anyplace that requires a 5,000-6,000 lb. capacity lift truck with:

• Unbeatable acceleration, travel and lift speeds (greater or equal to an IC truck) for maximum productivity
• Easy maneuverability
• Superior operator comfort
• Precise, largely wear-free braking and
• Exceptional energy efficiency.

Potential users of this vehicle include do-it-yourself home centers, lumber yards, industrial warehouses, manufacturing plants, food distribution centers, processing facilities and assembly lines, among others.

The EFG 425-430 features Jungheinrich’s proprietary three-phase AC technology to power the drive and hydraulic pump motors. And since the motors are fully enclosed and protected to IP54 specifications, dust, chemicals or moisture should not affect the truck’s reliability and performance. The EFG 425-430 provides up to 15% greater energy efficiency than trucks with shunt-wound DC motors -- and with no brushes or springs to contend with, the truck’s maintenance expenses are greatly reduced. In fact, the EFG 425-430 is scheduled for service every 1,000 hours, whereas the competitors’ electric trucks typically recommend 250- to 500-hour service intervals and IC trucks 250-hour service intervals.

The truck’s high torque capability contributes to rapid work cycles and its energy efficient 80V power unit means significantly longer operation per battery charge – and in many cases, one battery charge is sufficient for two work shifts.

This also translates to a decrease in the energy costs associated with battery charging. The EFG 425-430 reaches travel speeds of up to 12.4 mph with a load, and loaded lift speeds of up to 108.3 ft/min. Energy savings are achieved with the truck’s solid-state electric braking system that feeds energy back to the battery when the accelerator is released. And the truck’s wear-resistant, multiple wet disc brake system is fully enclosed for maximum reliability. To complete the braking package, the parking brake is electrically operated, allowing the brake to be automatically engaged when the truck is stationary and automatically released when the operator starts to drive, thus eliminating any uncontrolled rolling of the truck.

Additional truck operation features include Jungheinrich’s patented Curve Control system which automatically reduces the truck’s travel speed when cornering, a very low center of gravity that helps to improve the truck’s stability and residual capacity, and a long wheelbase that ensures stable handling and smooth travel.

Operating efficiencies are achieved with the truck’s five drive programs that can be individually adjusted to ensure optimal performance in a variety of applications, while the EFG 425-430’s diagnostic system monitors all truck components and provides historical service data for rapid and cost-effective maintenance.

The operator enjoys such ergonomically-designed features as a Comfort Display with a digital service hour meter, battery discharge indicator plus lift cut-out, electronic steering wheel position indicator, clock, and error code and warning displays. Fatigue-free comfort features include a floating compartment that cushions the operator from road shocks and vibrations and a clear view mast and fork carriage that provides excellent visibility to the load and aisle. Additional features include a precise and low-effort hydraulic power steering system that operates without kick-back, low-access steps, a large, level footwell with an automotive pedal layout, an ergonomically designed steering column and a cushioned full-suspension seat that allows the operator to make weight, position and lumbar adjustments for an optimum driving position.

Comfortable, fatigue-free operation of the truck’s forward/backward direction and its hydraulics is also provided by the truck’s SOLO-PILOT control levers, or as an option, a MULTI-PILOT control (where all functions are controlled by one joystick).

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