Coldpack’s AirLiner Wins Two Major Awards

April 1, 2009
SAN DIEGO-AirLiner is an inflatable, insulating liner that easily converts any container into a cooler. The awards went to the product when used in tandem with Coldpack’s AntiFreeze Vaccine Backpack.

Recognition was for the role that AirLiner and the AntiFreeze Vaccine Backpack play in maintaining and transporting temperature-sensitive immunizations in an eco-friendly package.

The Pharmapack Cold Chain Award won is given for innovations in professional packaging or products that aid in the transport of medicines, health products and medical devices. Coldpack also won the Flexible Packaging Association’s (FPA) Gold Achievement Award. Along with the Award was the FPA’s Special Citation for Social Responsibility given for AirLiner’s innovative addressing of societal and wellness issues.

AirLiner is made up of layers of reflective barrier film sealed in a proprietary design. It blocks the transfer of heat, working to keep vaccines protected longer.

The AntiFreeze Vaccine Backpack features AirLiner technology to aid in the transit of vital vaccines and pharmaceuticals, ensuring the cold supply chain remains stable. It has successfully met the rigorous certification and testing process of the World Health Organization and has achieved the designation of an “approved vaccine transportation provider.”