Oct. 13, 2004
Assembled Products Corporation is proud to announce the Browser is a three-wheeled vehicle that operates on 24 volts. It carries one person in a standing

Assembled Products Corporation is proud to announce the “Browser”. Browser is a three-wheeled vehicle that operates on 24 volts. It carries one person in a standing position along with optional cargo. Cargo may be carried either in side or front mounted baskets or in a pull along cart. Browser is equipped with a variable speed control allowing the vehicle to reach a maximum speed of 4 mph. It has a ZERO turning radius up to 360 degrees. It will run continuously for over 5 hours.

Browser has its own on-board charger, which may be plugged into any 120-volt outlet. The vehicle is designed for commercial, institutional, and industrial usage. Browserä is designed to move people and cargo while reducing fatigue and increasing productivity.

With one quick look at the Browser, the question arises, “Where is the motor?” It is apparent from the 16-inch, free-turning rear wheels, that the Browser does not use a transaxle. Likewise, it is apparent from the small profile of the front of the Browser, that it does not use a belt drive or right angle gear drive system. So where is the motor?

The most unique aspect of the Browser is our patented 8-inch Hub Motor, which allows for maximum performance efficiency. The Hub Motor is a combination of five major components; motor, gears, electric brake, hub, and tire. The motor uses the newest in printed disk technology and is a 24-volt DC brush permanent magnet motor. It utilizes a steel primary/secondary gear system with a unique shock absorbing motor-to-gear coupler. The brake is a friction disk type brake, which is electrically disengaged (at 24 volts DC) by the PWM (pulse-width-modulator) controller as power is applied to the motor. The rotating aluminum hub, with a bonded non-marking tire, encases all of the motor’s components.

The 45-amp, “S-Drive” PWM controller from PG Drives Technology meets the criteria we set for the Browser’s controller; compact, programmable, on-board diagnostic capabilities, standard connectors, and meets with many international approvals. Its compact size made it easy to position in the upright column of the Browser.

The programmable feature of the controller made variable speed control and a zero-degree turning radius easily attainable. When turning, the controller reduces power to the motor, thus slowing the Browser for a safer turn. The controller also responds to either side of the finger grip throttles with the forward function. Because the steering crank handle can rotate 340 degrees, it allows the user to travel in reverse and to make a zero-degree turn. Standard speed for the Browser is set at 4.4 miles per hour.. Should the customer desire it, speed can be changed by our factory programming without any compromise on load capacity. The controller insures maximum voltage is applied, regardless of the programmed speed.

The Browser uses two 12-volt, 18-amp-hour, sealed lead-acid batteries. The batteries, which fit into the tray under the floorboard, lie on their sides without damage or affect on performance. Their weight and placement give the Browser a low center of gravity. A special low voltage sensor in the charger will send "pulses" of voltage to "wake up" a battery that has been over discharged, insuring maximum battery life.

The most obvious difference between the Browser and other stand-up vehicles is that the Browser does not rely on computer-driven gyroscopes to maintain balance. Its targeted application does not necessitate those features. The Browser is a "back to basics" machine that uses the laws of physics to balance on its three wheels.

The price of the Browser is less then half the cost of the competitor and aimed at large warehouses, retail stores (for stocking), amusement parks, public safety, and anywhere it is necessary to travel long distances in a short time. A universal hitch for the Browser is being developed, so that it can tow. For example, warehouses would benefit from being able to tow pallet loads. It is especially useful where quickness is desired and when a standing position is much more suitable to what the job requires. Towing aside, using the Browser is faster than walking.

This unit is not designed for the handicapped. It requires full use of arms and legs. Because there are no gyroscopic "balancing devices”, ramps are not recommended.

At trade shows, Assembled Products Corporation has let curious passers-by test drive the Browser (no extensive training is required). From there we are able to find out what the needed applications are. We continue to develop solutions for those needs, and others that are brought to our attention.

Assembled Products Corporation has been in the electric vehicle market for the past 20 years. It is best known for the Mart Cart electric shopping carts seen in all major retail stores across the United States and around the world. Mart Cart’s motto, “Committed to continuous improvement,” is upheld in the purchase of more than 3 to 1 Mart Carts over other electric shopping vehicles for the retail industry.

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