PriorityPak System

June 23, 2005
SADDLE BROOK, N.J. Sealed Air Corporations new PriorityPak system allows operators to create up to 20 packages a minute, depending on the size of the

SADDLE BROOK, N.J. – Sealed Air Corporation’s new PriorityPak system allows operators to create up to 20 packages a minute, depending on the size of the item, compared to three packages a minute with manual packaging methods.

The smart-sensing technology on the PriorityPak system scans an item’s dimensions to deliver the correct amount of the Cold Seal® cohesive-coated PriorityWrap Bubble laminate or PriorityWrap Rigid Board from two supply rolls to the PriorityPak system. The Cold Seal® process creates the seal adjacent to the items which minimizes shifting and increases product protection. The result is a compact, custom package which reduces postage costs compared to packaging with corrugated cartons and void-fill materials.

PriorityWrap Bubble laminate is ideal for lightweight items requiring surface protection and cushioning such as CD-ROMs, cosmetics, DVDs, pharmaceuticals and window blinds. PriorityWrap Rigid Board is best used to package items requiring corner, edge and surface protection including books, calendars and photographs. When packaging with the PriorityWrap Rigid Board material, the PriorityPak system uses the patented XRS technology to create a crescent seal which securely suspends items in the center of the package providing additional
corner protection.

™ system is available in three configurations, manual, semi-automated and automated, and easily can accommodate fluctuating package volume and variable packaging requirements. With the manual configuration, operators place an item on the bottom web of the Cold Seal® cohesive-coated material, apply the shipping label to the top web of the material and push a button to create the package.

Alternatively, the semi-automated system is coupled with a lugged in-feed conveyor which allows an operator to place an item on the conveyor where it is automatically packaged and ready for label application. The automated system is similar to the semi-automated system, but the system reads the bar code on the order-picking slip and automatically prints and applies the label to the package.

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