July 9, 2008
BEDFORD PARK, Illinois Hoist Liftruck Mfg., Inc. will introduce its long-waited empty container handler in August to prospective customers and its domestic

BEDFORD PARK, Illinois – Hoist Liftruck Mfg., Inc. will introduce its long-waited empty container handler in August to prospective customers and its domestic and international dealers. The growing interest in Hoist Liftruck’s heavy-duty pneumatic P-Series line within the port and intermodal industries has paved the way for the P-Series RoRo, which debuted last year, and other products such as the P150-EC empty container handler series.

The P150-EC Series will have models that will stack a variety of ISO containers from 4- to 8-high using a standard empty container attachment or side-post attachment, both with two (2) ISO twistlocks. The attachments will also extend/retract to lift 20- to 40-foot long containers. Hoist Liftruck will also incorporate their advanced CANbus technology to ensure safe handling with its twistlock safety system that ensures each twistlock is engaged and secured before the container can be moved. Warning lights and message on the digital display inside the cab will warn the operator if the twistlocks are not engaged and secured, as well as prevent the operator from moving the vehicle until the twistlocks are fully engaged and the container is secured.

The load-sensing hydraulic pump, which does not run continuously like typical gear pumps, can cut fuel consumption by as much as 30%. Other features on the P150-EC include a Tier 3-certified Cummins 6.7L turbocharged diesel engine; Dana 32,000 automatic transmission; AxleTech planetary drive axle; two-stage heavy-duty air cleaner with restriction indicator; elevated rearward cab for excellent visibility with optional tilt cab available; electronic hydraulic controls; air-ride seat; and RemoteTech® vehicle management system.

The RemoteTech® vehicle management system, which is on most Hoist products, monitors all the functions on the vehicle from filters to overload. When an issue occurs, RemoteTech® notifies the operator via the MD3 digital display of the issue and other authorized personnel via email. In some cases, RemoteTech® may be programmed to disable further operation of the vehicle if safety is comprised. Diagnostics, troubleshooting and customization of certain vehicle functions can be conducted remotely to significantly decrease downtime. By “dialing” into the vehicle, certified Hoist Liftruck technicians can troubleshoot minor issues without having to be on-site, as well as adjust certain functions to a company’s preference such as overall vehicle and lifting speeds, sensitivity to overloads/impact and electronic joystick controls. RemoteTech® can also be customized for fleet management, monitoring multiple Hoist Liftruck vehicles and keeping records of individual operators and their usage (i.e. hours, incidents, maintenance, etc.).

Complementing the P-Series line, the P150-EC Series and P-Series RoRo, are only the first of a number of new products Hoist Liftruck will be debuting over the next 24 months. In 2009, Hoist Liftruck plans to launch its loaded container handler line and rubber tire gantry (RTG) line for the marina market. New products for the port and intermodal industries will follow with reachstacker, RTG container handler and straddle carrier lines.

Interest in Hoist Liftruck continues to grow domestically with many companies citing its 100% U.S.-made heavy-duty products, fast lead times and excellent parts/service support. Hoist Liftruck also continues its international expansion, establishing partnerships with reputable dealerships in key regions all over the world.

“We are excited to unveil the new empty [container] handler line in August and we already have several companies here in the U.S. and overseas making plans to visit our factory to see the unit and our operations,” said Marty Flaska, president of Hoist Liftruck. “The same interest is already being generated for our new products that will come online over the next couple of years. The response has been tremendous and we look forward to continue to establish strong relationships with many wonderful customers.”

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