Motorized Parts Carousel

May 7, 2009
Storage solution maximizes space with minimal footprint.

Allentown, Pa. - Stanley Vidmar announced the launch of its Motorized Parts Carousel, which maximizes floor space by fully utilizing vertical space. In addition to its small footprint, the Motorized Parts Carousel features one-person operation. This means one worker can rotate the shelves, locate the desired inventory item, stop at the proper position, and remove the stored product safely and efficiently at floor level, reducing the risk of injury.

"The Motorized Parts Carousel is an economical storage solution for a host of applications including spare parts, stock rooms, work-in-process, file storage, and countless others," says Jill Wheeler, Stanley Vidmar's vice president of commercialization. "Couple floor space savings with increased productivity and you've got a solution that pays for itself in a short period of time."

The Motorized Parts Carousel ranges in height from 11' 2" to 13' 10", has a maximum overall weight capacity of 13,000 lbs., and generally has 10 to 18 shelves, which are completely configurable to a user's storage requirements.

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