Big Lift Buys Big Joe

May 19, 2009
LOMBARD, Ill.—As it purchases the production, sales and servicing of the company, Big Lift LLC looks forward to offering Big Joe’s durable electric lift trucks.

Big Joe is 57 years old. “We are excited to be the new stewards of the Big Joe brand, and plan on focusing our U.S.-based manufacturing and development expertise to assure that Big Joe continues strong for another 50 years,” says Mike Barry, president of Big Lift.

Big Lift is owned by its management, Granite Creek Partners, LLC and E-P Equipment Co. For its part, E-P Equipment is a global full-line lift truck manufacturer. Its partnership enables Big Lift to access advanced technology, manufacturing support and to rapidly broaden its product offering to Big Joe dealers nationwide.

Tom Beatty, Big Joe operations director, claims, “Our new owners are entirely focused on delivering on-time, high-quality, rugged products that sell-through and make dealers money. We will also reliably support our customers by providing best-in-class sales and maintenance.