Product News

Nov. 1, 2001
A look at new products for the material handling industry.

Product News


The OveRWay Inverted Conveyor is for medium-capacity applications that involve clean environments or robotics. Designed as a bolt-together system, individual carriers support loads to 600 pounds. No hanging or header steel is needed. It provides 360 degrees of accessibility to top and sides of products. Richards-Wilcox Inc.


The Inspector 2000 is a hand-held bar code verifier that analyzes bar code print accuracy. It automatically discriminates between symbologies, calculates print contrast, and verifies encoding with one wand pass. It reads bi-directionally such codes as UPC/EAN, Code 39, Interleaved 2 of 5 and Code 128. RJS Systems International


PosiCharge ELT models let operators charge their lift trucks during breaks and shift changes. Models 600 and 750 handle 48-V packs; Model 680 handles 80-V packs. The chargers install on the workplace floor, letting operators stop for a quick charge. They use a Battery Module Identifier that senses battery type, manufacturer, voltage and other parameters to ensure charging is fast, efficient and safe. AeroVironment Inc.


The PV-Series AC servo system consists of a 15 A drive and matching 100 W motor, which are compatible with the Sercos communication bus. Operation is to 4,500 rpm with peak torque of 8.7 inch-pounds. The system includes external encoder inputs, digital I/O and high-speed registration inputs. Automation Intelligence


Electric and pneumatic RF 100 Friction Wheel Drives offer lighter-weight handling capacities in compact sizes. They can be used on monorails and runway systems, having a load

capacity to 1,100 pounds, a 50 percent duty motor and a maximum speed of 80 feet per minute with integral brake and 160 feet per minute with

no brake. Demag Cranes and Components


The 2200 Series low-profile conveyors efficiently transfer small component parts for packaging, indexing, coding, labeling and shipping applications. The conveyors have sealed ball bearings and unibody aluminum stainless steel frame construction. There’s

an optional 5/16-inch diameter transfer tail with self-lubricated bearings. The systems are available in flat belt end drive, center drive and cleated belt models in widths of 2 to 24 inches and standard lengths of 2 to 24 feet. Dorner Manufacturing Corp.


SweepSort sorter accurately tracks and “sweeps” problematic items at rates to 140 items per minute. It uses a composite modular cleated belt with a sweep mechanism that allows previously non-conveyable items to be sorted in stations as close as 12 inches apart. Hytrol Conveyor Co. Inc.

Ergonomics & Safety

Powered drum handler

The unit is fully counterbalanced, allowing the operator to lift and lower all steel, plastic and fiber drums with ease. Weight capacities are available between 650 and 800 pounds. Useful for approaching drum Hot Boxes, pallets, scales and storage cabinets in a “straight-on” fashion. Benko Products

Roll handling core expander

This electrically operated core expander for handling paper and film rolls with 3" or 6" cores can pick up rolls weighing up to 300 lb from a vertical position at floor level and deposit them in a horizontal position at random heights. The core expander has an “inhibit” button to avoid accidental opening of the expander. RonI Automation Solutions

Drum lifts

E-Z Drum Lifts provide a means of lifting 30- and 55-gallon steel drums using a lift truck or overhead crane. The lift features a maximum capacity of 1,000 pounds, while weighing less than two pounds itself. Wesco Industrial Products

Non-contact safety switch

These autonomous safety switches utilize a double interactive decoding system to obtain a high level of safety. The compact sensor detects its own safety contact failure and automatically interlocks to fail-safe mode to disable machine operation. Housings are available in polycarbonate and stainless steel. BT International

Tire and wheel caddie

The medium-duty tire and wheel caddie handles tires from 24" to 36" in diameter. The Clever Lever gives truck technicians a 10-to-1 lift advantage, lowering the risk of back injury. Safe Shop Tools

Jib and gantry cranes

Jib cranes with capacities from 1/4- to 5-ton in freestanding, wall bracket, wall cantilever and mast styles. Gantry cranes are available in fixed height and adjust-able models from 1- to 3-ton capacities with spans from 8' to 25'. Five-year warranty and 5-day shipments are available for all manually operated jib and gantry cranes. Gorbel

Portable container tilter

The E-Z Reach E-Z Drive is equipped with a variable-speed drive, center-wheel steering and an ergonomically designed drive handle with auto-stop on release and auto-reverse on contact with an obstruction. Loads can be tilted up to 85˚ and 2,000- and 4,000-lb-capacity units are available. Southworth Products