June 14, 2007
Charlotte, NC Schaefers Packaging Systems Division introduces NewStac, a lighter weight container line targeting the automotive market. NewStac containers

Charlotte, NC – Schaefer’s Packaging Systems Division introduces NewStac™, a lighter weight container line targeting the automotive market. NewStac™ containers meet current industry weight standards for hand-held containers which, for ergonomic reasons, are down to 33 lbs. from the previous 40 lbs.

NewStac™ containers are available in five sizes and a variety of bottom and sidewall options. Features include containers with and without label pockets and cardholders. All sizes in the NewStac™ container line use only one style cardholder. The 5” tall boxes have a new wall configuration that allows placards to be placed without folding onto ribs or wrapping over the sidewalls. This provides a smooth surface onto which labels can be placed. With the NewStac™ container line, Schaefer offers the only 5” tall boxes on the market that allow this.

The 4” totes come with the “rimless option” for placard placement. This option has a break in the bottom horizontal stacking rib that allows a placard to extend further down the sidewall. Currently, the placards have to be folded onto this rib. Once again, Schaefer is the only one to offer this feature. Additionally, the 4” tall containers have a patent pending label pocket molded into the sidewall that allows a full-size Kanban tracking card to fit entirely within the box wall. Schaefer is the only manufacturer on the market with this capability.

The new NF container line is molded out of HDPP rather than HDPE, allowing for faster cycle times, lower part weights and better impact strength resulting in reduced warranty claims.
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